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Earliest to Most Recent: South America
Pick the historical events that happened in South America from earliest up to the most recent.
This or That: 200s BC vs. 200s AD
Engage the flux capacitor on your time machine!
Find the Cézanne Paintings
Pick the Cézanne Paintings when prompted.
Joined by a Handshake!
A handshake can bring any two people together... though sometimes an historical chain can help. Can you connect Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, by providing the name requested in the clue below each slide?
20th Century History: February
There's a lot of history packed into just one month.
Which US President Said That?
Ask not what trivia can do for you...
US Presidents: Before or After?
When shown an image of a US president, can you determine whether it was taken before or after his presidency?
'T'-Less Presidents
Without a 'T', they're just presidens.
Artists by Biography Title
Life with a Wild Mustache was not a real biography title.
UNESCO Sites On A Map
Can you find on a map where the following (primarily archaeological) UNESCO World Heritage sites are located?
Match the Royal Brides and Grooms
Match the brides and grooms who took part in these 20th and 21st century royal weddings.
20 Facts 1969, 79, 89 or 99
Can you choose the correct year for each fact?
Lincoln Memorial Epitaph
Four score and seven epitaphs ago...
7 to 1 Sorting Art Gallery (Art Pieces)
Can you sort each of these image fragments to their artist? (See How to Play.)
2018 Quiz
A short time ago, in a galaxy quite nearby...
Longer or Shorter?: Wars
All wars are longer than they should be.
Which Famous Pirate...?
Pick the correct pirate to satisfy each fact.
Cover the Alphabet - US Presidents
Q & Z aren't in the names of any US Presidents, but it's only a matter of time until President Quizmaster gets elected.
English Kings or Not?
Can you revere the kings of England (and the rest of the United Kingdom), whilst refusing to acknowledge the decoys?
Symbol Cryptogram: US Presidents II
Of course we all remember President ▷◣☽★✖☷☆✚.
Battles of Britain
Click on the correct battle date when prompted: there is one for each century from the Roman occupation to the present day.
Profile: Jimmy Carter
Not included: his brother Billy and his terrible beer.
The Year in News: 1910
Name the missing word from these events that occurred in 1910.
Presidential Timeline: Ronald Reagan
Pick the correct facts in the Ronald Reagan presidential timeline.
Ancient World A-Z
This quiz is brand new, but it's already ancient history.
What's That Kiwi Famous For?
Can you correctly pick what each New Zealander is famous for?
World Leaders in 2010
Pick the world leaders by the country they ruled in the year 2010.
US Presidents with A to Z
Commanders-in-chief for every letter of the alphabet.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Pic Click)
Match the short description of an article from the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights with an icon used on the poster celebrating 70th anniversary of UDHR.
100 Years of Historical Figures
One or two things can happen throughout the course of 100 years.
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