History Quizzes

Art History Match-up
Art doesn't have to match. Art history might.
100 Most Influential Americans
Begin debate about influence in 3-2-1...
'A' in History
Here's one test where you'll always get an 'A'.
In Memoriam: 2018
A tribute to those we lost in 2018.
Historical Figures' Signatures
Fame and good penmanship don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: History
Recorded history is so massive at this point that even the mega-est gallery couldn't hold it.
National Museum by 3 Exhibits
Put your knowledge on display.
► 5x5 in 90: Mixed History Minefield Blitz
Pick 5 items for each of these categories: European dictator, African dictator, US president, World War I Allies, World War II Allies - without making a mistake.
Six Letter History A-Z
If you could summarize all of history in only 6 letters, how would you do it?
Famous Paintings Close Up
Even zoomed in, these paintings are incredible.
Famous From the 17th Century
Galileo's head was on the block. The crime was looking up for truth.
Goebbels' Principles of Propaganda
Pick the correct word to complete Goebbels' Principles, the strategy used to create Nazi propaganda.
Bullseye Blitz: History!
Just keep your aim steady, you'll do just fine.
'J' American History Figures
Enjoy the jubilee of significant American history-makers.
'H' American History Figures
Hopefully you have a handle on your history.
British or French Colony?
The Brits and the French have a very complicated relationship.
US Historical Figures from Money Portraits
Let's face it, these people will never be far away from money.
Sail to the New World!
One wrong turn, and you get a holiday named after you.
Countries of the Roman Empire (Map)
Pick the territories in different countries that were once part of the Roman Empire on a map.
US Presidents by First Letter Blitz
If you want a challenge, try entering only presidents with long surnames.
Famous Wars
WAR! What is it good for, absolutely nothing! (Except a Sporcle Quiz).
13 Colonies Picture Click
13 is typically an unlucky number, but in the case of Colonial America it turned out all right.
Four Letter History A-Z
Think of this as the sequel to 'A Short History of Nearly Everything.'
Medieval History Match-up
This quiz can also be played with your eyes closed in a swimming pool: Marco...
US Vice Presidents
This game is one of our older games, but with all the talk lately of Vice Presidents, we thought it would be fitting to bring it out today. Do you know your Vice Presidents?
Titles of Power
These folks had a lot of electricity in their names.
Countries of the Dutch Empire
We just hope they didn't tell customs they've been to Amsterdam.
Great Explorers by Nationality
Can you pick 5 great world explorers by their nationality
Fought in WWI, WWII, Both, or Neither
Can you determine if these men served** in World War I, World War II, Both, or Neither?
Who Was Monarch?
Here's is hoping you do royally well on this quiz.
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