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True or False Blitz: 1990s
The dream of the 90s is alive on Sporcle.
Criteria Empires
If you conquer this quiz you're one step closer to total Sporcle domination.
US Presidents
We wish presidential mustaches were still in style. In fact, we'd go so far to say we hope future presidents dress exactly like Magnum P.I.
Art Bunker: Multiple Choice
Pick the answers to these questions concerning art and make it to level 15 of the bunker.
Where in the US Is the President?
Tell me, where in the US is the President?
True or False Blitz: History
If you do poorly on this quiz, you may need some history Tudoring.
Win the Presidential Election Minefield
Sorry, winning the election won't be as easy as acing a Sporcle quiz.
On This Day: September 19th
Pick the correct answer for each clue related to September 19th.
20th Century US States
Hint: Avoid the East Coast.
Anyone but US Presidents
There haven't been all that many US Presidents, so it's not like this is some exclusive club.
Presidents in Exact Order
We're just trying to bring some order to the presidential election here!
True or False Blitz: 1980s
Can you decide whether each statement about the 1980s is True or False?
Pick the US President
All those old guys with white hair look the same.
Youngest to Oldest Minefield
This quiz is basically like Benjamin Button, but you don't have to wait 3 hours for Brad Pitt to die.
One President Per Letter
Consider this a crash course in U.S. executive history.
On This Day: September 18th
Pick the correct answer for each clue related to September 18th.
Ancient History Bunker
Be a conqueror, Sporcle-style.
Which Nobel Prize Did They Win?
We think the person who invented 'knock-knock' jokes deserves a no-bell prize.
History Speed-Picking
This quiz will have you picking and choosing your way through history.
Civil War Presidents
We've found that Civil War jokes General Lee aren't funny.
Monarchs of England
Don't hold your breathe Charles. You'll never, ever, ever be in this quiz.
Constitutional Words
Pick the words that appeared at least once in the U.S. Constitution.
Europe in 1914 Minefield
If you know history, Eur-in for a good one here.
27 Amendments
Pick the 27 Amendments.
Original 13 Colonies
The original thirteen North American colonies. 60 seconds. GO!
True or False Blitz: the 19th Century
Can you decide whether each statement about the 19th Century is True or False?
Prime Ministers of the UK
Quick name these guys and gals before Parliament gets dissolved.
Historical Pirates
Name these historical pirates, given a brief description.
True or False Blitz: the 18th Century
Can you decide whether each statement about the 18th Century is True or False?
13 Colonies Picture Click
13 is typically an unlucky number, but in the case of Colonial America it turned out all right.
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