Geography Quizzes

City Distance Sort
Can you order the pairs of cities by the flying distance between them, from smallest to largest?
Oil Producing States
Can you find oil producing states on the map?
Obscure Knowledge - North American Capitals
Normally obscurity yields better scores, but that's kinda the point this time.
Letter Grid: North American Countries
Can you click the letters of the North American Countries in order, starting at the red letter 'H', to fully complete this letter grid without getting stuck? (Please see How to Play for more instructions)
Get the Picture: Flags III
Can you choose the correct flag to answer the question?
Where's the Beef?
The plural for "beef" is "beeves" and you can never unread that.
Either/Or in 30: US State Capitals
Sometimes we wonder if just flipping a coin would yield a better score.
0-1 Neighboring Countries
These countries could really use a neighbor.
Largest African Countries Minefield
Kenya finish this quiz without making a mistake?
Capitals of Spanish-Speaking Countries
¿Dónde está la capital?
North American Country Letter Trio Blitz
Knowing your Caribbean countries will take you a long way here.
Cities Sorting Gallery IX
This is probably the easiest way to get from Finland to Samoa.
Geography 'XYZ' Blitz
This should help with Scrabble.
Islands of Fiji
Travel planning imminent.
European Capital Cities
Not to be confused with "European Lowercase Cities."
Alphabetical North America
Google Earth has forsaken you.
Where Is That 'I' or 'J' City?
It's probably on Earth, somewhere.
Closest Countries to Sudan
Keep an eye on the timer, or you may feel like the quiz just ended all of a Sudan.
Coffee Producing States
Someone's about to learn that "Starbucks" isn't a state.
Country Pairs Area Comparison
Nothing compares to a good Geography quiz.
Erase the USA by Sorted Isogram
Prepare for some map mayhem.
Geographical Jumbles
Does this get easier the more the tectonic plates shift?
Anything but European Capitals
Unfortunately, you won't be able to capitalize on your mistakes here.
Vowel-less Backwards South America
Your globe won't save you here.
Spelling with Flags: World Capitals
Semaphore is one way to spell with flags. This is something else entirely.
Border Flags Combined
Sounds like a pretty massive sewing project.
Two Degrees of Separation - El Salvador
It all ties back to Kevin Bacon somehow.
States by 'F' Cities
From Fort Lauderdale to Fresno, and everything in between.
5 by 5 Flags by Continent
It's time for your dose of vexillology.
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