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Flag Border Maze
The prize at the end of the maze is an even bigger flag to hang on your wall.
Consonant-less Continents Minefield Blitz
Pick the continents without their consonants.
Oceans on a Map
Sounds like a really wet map.
'R' Countries Multiple Choice
Can you choose the correct 'R' country for each clue?
Italy Geography Bunker
Fill up the bunker with lasagna and cannoli, and we'll never want to leave.
States by 'P' Cities
From Philadelphia to Pascagoula and everything in between.
Letter Grid: North American Countries
We've crammed a bunch of countries into a box, and they only barely seem to fit.
Click the Amazon Rainforest Countries
It doesn't matter how remote it looks, you can probably still get an Amazon delivery there.
Which Country: European Landmarks III
But can you put a pin on their locations on a map?
Around the Perimeter of South Africa
You can draw it in chalk and yellow tape, if you want.
Secret Country XXVIII
At some point, the number of secret countries will outnumber the non-secret ones. But we won't even know because they're secret.
Hidden Neighbors of Nebraska
It's okay, we'll be your neighbor, Nebraska. From really far away.
9+ Letter European Countries
Clicking long names is better than having to spell them, usually.
First Letters of Japanese Cities
Welcome to Jokyo and Hagasaki.
Erase the USA by Capital (No Skips)
You're gonna need one of those "For Big Mistakes" erasers.
Provinces of Belgium
What was that thing about Belgium and chocolate?
Find 7 Cities: Warsaw Pact
We're pretty sure they're no longer a part of the little secret club, but sure.
Smallest European Countries Minefield
This is not a quiz about the smallest minefields in Europe.
The Romania Quiz
Despite the fact that Transylvania is in Romania, don't expect too many vampire-themed questions here.
Asian Countries and Capitals on a Map
Countries and capitals all at once - it's a double whammy.
Progressively Pixelated Flags
If you ever wondered what various countries' flags looked like on 1970s computers, wonder no more!
Anything But African Capitals
it's the rules, you'll have to type everything lowercase.
Spinning Earth
Why not take a geography quiz for a spin?
Geographically Closest US States: A
Click 'A' state. Then click another. And repeat.
Where Is That 'Q' or 'R' City?
R you sure that none of these cities are in your visiting Q?
10 Largest North American Countries in Order
We bet you can guess what the first two are.
Capital Cities: After H
This is one case where "after h" doesn't necessarily refer to the letter 'i'.
Letter Pyramid - African Capitals
It helps if you type all your responses in capital letters.
Top 20 Cities of Belgium on a Map
We haven't done the math on altitude yet, though.
Hide North America's Flags (Minefield)
We normally like hiding flags in corners or under the couch cushions instead.
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