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Erase Africa by Capital
Click each country by capital city to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong.
USA States by Any 2 Letters Blitz
It won't be long before you start panicking and typing in random pairs of letters.
'F' Countries on a Map
For some crazy reason our first guess was Franzia. We really need to lay off that boxed wine.
Find the Countries of OPEC
We think crude oil needs to learn some manners.
Flag Color Click - Bahrain
Pick the parts of the flag of BAHRAIN for each color.
States That Border Mississippi
What has four eyes but can't see? Mississippi!
Geography 'E' Blitz
Just don't expect to find any of these places on Easy Street.
European Countries with a 'B'
'B' sure to Czech out the how to play.
Capitals of Spanish Speaking Countries
Pick the Capitals of Spanish Speaking Countries.
Countries & Capitals Sorting Blitz
If there's one thing we hate sorting it's countries. Those borders are way too pointy.
Countries beginning with the letter 'C'
Name the Countries beginning with the letter 'C'.
Europe (Redux)
Ah, Europe. We meet again.
Secret Country II
Shhh, it's a secret.
Flag Color Click - Cambodia
Pick the parts of the flag of CAMBODIA for each color.
Next Biggest Land Area State
You shouldn't have any issues with this, the answers are all right there in front of you.
On A Map: US States
We hear there are still some people who don't know where all these states are.  Here's your chance to prove you aren't one of those people.
States That Border Nebraska
Don't start typing in corn, hoping we made this quiz sarcastically.
Countries by Capital
Dare we say that failing on this quiz would be a Capital offense?
5 to 1: US States
Match the US states to each category.
Let's Draw the European Borders
This is for all you future cartographers out there.
Flag Color Click - Kazakhstan
Pick the parts of the flag of Kazakhstan for each color.
Flag Color Click - Iran
Pick the parts of the flag of IRAN for each color.
Capitals AND Countries
Don't have plans for the weekend? Try this quiz.
The United Kingdom Quiz
Until this quiz, almost everything I knew about the United Kingdom I got from watching Monty Python and listening to the Beatles.
Europe: We're Surrounded!
How will these countries ever escape!?
Missing Word: South American Cities
Name the word missing from these multi-word South American cities.
First 20 US States
Just remember, every star on the US flag is created equal.
Flag Color Click - Brunei
Pick the parts of the flag of Brunei for each color.
Secret Country III
Can you keep a secret?
Flag Color Click - Bhutan
Pick the parts of the flag of BHUTAN for each color.
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