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Hidden Neighbors of Massachusetts
Massachusetts: inviting the neighbors to tea parties since 1773.
Find the Provinces of Canada - No Outlines
They wanted us to put outlines on this map, but we were having Nunavut.
Country per Letter
60 seconds rarely goes by so quickly.
6 to 1: Europe
Work your way through categories seis, five, quatre, tre, doi, and eins.
Secret Country
Don't worry, planet Earth, your secret is safe with us.
The United Kingdom Quiz
Until this quiz, almost everything I knew about the United Kingdom I got from watching Monty Python and listening to the Beatles.
Let's Draw the US Borders
If you get 100% on this quiz, it might be time to become a cartographer.
Find the US State Capitals
This is a quiz where you THINK you'll get 100%, but when it comes right down to it, you might be in for a struggle.
Border Chain Minefield X
Sometimes Sporcle quizzes like to take the scenic route.
Capitals of South America
Our continuing tour of the capitals of the world takes us to South America. With only 12 countries...this should be an easy one.
'E'-Less States
Pro tip: Tennessee will offer you no help here.
Canadian Provinces
There are 13 provinces and territories of Canada, none of them are named after Gordie Howe.
'U' in Asia
Name the things in Asia that begin with the letter 'U'.
6 to 1: Asia
Can you provide the answers from Ichi to Roku?
6 to 1: Africa
So, are you dune with this quiz yet, or have you deserted it?
World Capitals That Start with 'P'
P is the 16th letter of the alphabet, but there are 17 capitals that begin with it. This seems like a conspiracy.
Find the Countries of the World - No Outlines
Can you find all of the countries of the world without any border outlines?
Geography Bunker VI
Make sure you bring along some snacks for your bunker tour, it can take a while.
States of Mexico
Hola!! Before this quiz the only thing I could tell you about Mexico was that it was North of Detroit!!
Smallest Countries (Redux)
Just click all the countries you normally forget when playing 'Countries of the World'.
Africa: What Does it Border?
Given an African country, can you correctly pick which country from the list shares a land border with it?
Erase the World by Capital (No Skips)
Click each country or territory by capital city in the prompted random order to completely erase the map without getting one wrong.*
Cities Sorting Gallery VII
Sorta knowing cities isn't going to help when sorting these cities.
Asia by Any 2 Letters Blitz
You'll need to type on the double to get through this in time.
The Italy Quiz
We are not sure why, but for some reason you do better on this quiz while eating gelato.
Europe by Any 2 Letters Blitz
We'll save you some time: 'XZ' is not one of them.
US State Capitals (Multiple Choice)
Pick the capitals of the US states.
'E'-Less Americas
Okay, so Ecuador is out.
'B' in Asia
Hang on, there's no 'B' in Asia...
Find the Counties of England - No Outlines
Can you find the English ceremonial counties without any outlines?
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