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Unique Starting European Countries
These countries just HAD to be different, didn't they?
African 'B' Blitz
Could these countries B any more African?
Regions of New Zealand
This is for all you Kiwis out there.
Erase Africa by Capital
Click each country by capital city to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong.
Hidden Neighbors of Germany
Here's a nice game of hide-and-seek, Sporcle style.
Continent Letter Country Trios
Name the trio of countries that start with the given letter on the given continent.
Letters Minefield: Countries of Europe
Europe has way less unique letters that we had previously imagined.
100 Largest UK Cities
Think the USA Map quiz is too US-centric? We've got the perfect way to cheer you up.
Build a Mosaic of Denmark
Can you answer the following questions and make a mosaic of Denmark? That is the question...
Find the Countries of Asia
You get 10 minutes to find the countries of Asia...apparently they are a little bit lost.
6 to 1 US Capital Sets
You'll want to make sure you're in the right state of mind for this one.
Most Populated U.S. Cities (Clickable)
Pick the 50 Most Populated Cities in the USA(Redux) as of 2010.
The New Zealand Quiz
If you're looking for Mordor, you've come to the wrong place.
10 Largest US States in Order
Whatever you do, just try not to click Puerto Rico.
Letters Minefield: US States
We always knew that some letters were dangerous.
London Underground by Any 3 Letters
For this quiz, you don't have to be familiar with the London underground, but you do have to know a few letters.
European Capital Match
Vatican City...Vatican City...what could possibly be the capital of Vatican City?
The Vietnam Quiz
How much do you really know about Vietnam?
Hidden Neighbors of France
Historically speaking, France's neighbors have tended not to hide from them.
Flags of Asia
With the Beijing Olympics sadly behind us, this might be one of the few times you see all these flags together before the Vancouver Winter Games in two years.
Capitals of South America
Our continuing tour of the capitals of the world takes us to South America. With only 12 countries...this should be an easy one.
Erase Europe By Capital (No Skips)
Click each country by capital city in the prompted random order to completely erase the continent without getting one wrong.
Hidden Neighbors of Azerbaijan
Can you find the bordering countries of Azerbaijan?
'W' in Europe
Can you name these European whereabouts?
'C' Countries
Even after playing this quiz, we're still convinced 'Castlevania' is a real place.
Click the Isogram States (Minefield)
If you find you're repeating yourself, you're doing something wrong.
10 Most Populous Asian Countries in Order
Helpful Hint of the Day: Start with a country with more than 1 billion people.
'B' Countries
Every time you guess 'Byrgyzstan' a Sporcle angel gets its wings.
Name Any Country...
Well, not ANY country.
Hidden Neighbors of India
Can you find the bordering countries of India?
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