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151 Original Pokémon
Some of you will be able to remember all of these in your sleep.
Fortnite Battle Royale Map
Can you pick all the areas on the Map of Fortnite Battle Royale?
Clickable Concentration
How are you supposed to concentrate with all that clicking going on?
Fortnite Logic Quiz
What is your Fortnite I.Q.?
A Pokémon Logic Puzzle
Grab some Pokéballs and see what you can catch.
Let's Play Scrabble: US Presidents
Can you spell the surnames of the first several US Presidents, in order, letter by letter, starting with Washington, placing the letters in such a manner which maximizes the Scrabble score? (See notes, feel free to use a cheat list if you have to)
Video Game Character Logic Puzzle
Name the Thief, Victims, and 'Safes'.
List of Fortnite: Battle Royale Weapons and Items
Name the Fortnite Weapons and Items.
Guess Who? A Picture Murder Mystery
Name which characters are (s)afe, which are (v)ictims, which one is the (k)iller, and which one is the undercover (c)op. See instructions for details.
Pokémon Types
My son has discovered Pokémon...I fear that I am going to have a deep intimate knowledge of all this soon.
Which Board Game?
Do you want to play a game?
Name all League of Legends Champions (137)
Can you name all the League of Legends Champions (137)?
Fortnite Locations: Real or Fake?
Pick the real Fortnite Battle Royale locations while avoiding the decoys.
Pokémon (Gen II)
Following up the popularity of the Pokemon Generation 1 quiz, now see if you can remember the 100 new Pokemon added in the Gold and Silver games.
Overwatch Heroes
'Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?'
Minecraft Character by Lego
Name these Minecraft characters from their Lego figures.
Name Every Fortnite Map Location
Name the Name Every Fortnite Map Location.
Best NBA 2K Players Each Year
We are petitioning 2K Sports to factor 'Trivia Knowledge' into their player ratings next year.
Fortnite Battle Royale Map (Advanced)
Name the locations on the Fortnite Battle Royale map.
Pokémon Generation I (Redux)
Because nobody can remember the other generations.
Guess That Pokémon (Hot/Cold)
They tell you to catch 'em all, but we've never actually heard about where you'd start.
Video Game or Fib-eo Game?
We're ready, player one.
Items/Guns in Fortnite Battle Royale
Name the Items in Fortnite Battle Royale.
Gaming Anagrams II
If you can't figure out the anagram, just roll the dice and take your best shot.
Who's That Pokémon? (Gen. 1)
All you Pokémaniacs should make quick work of this quiz.
Pokémon Types by First Pokémon (Gen. I)
If you gotta catch 'em all, why not start with the first?
Pokémon (Gen IV)
With this quiz, we now bring the total of Pokémon species to 493, which is only slightly less than the number of species of animals on the planet.
League of Legends Champions By Ultimate
Never underestimate the importance of a good jungler.
Video Games by Text Message
Can you identify each video game from a possible SMS conversation between its characters?
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