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Get the Picture: Shawshank Redemption or Green Mile
Can you choose the correct movie for each clue, choosing between The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile?
CrossWordLadder XXIII
Can you fill in the word ladder? (See game note)
Just For Fun
Trees Logic Puzzle XVIII
Trees can't use logic. But Ents can.
Quick Pick: Three Letter Plants
Can you find the 3-letter plants from the clues and Scientific/Latin name?
Missing Word
Missing Word: Growing & Shrinking Video Game Words
Name the missing words from these titles, from 2 up to 10 letters, and then back down from 10 to 2 letters in length.
Just For Fun
Cryptic Scientists
Can you identify the surnames of the renowned scientists from these cryptic clues?
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Quick Pick: Palindrome Pictures
Can you match up the palindromic words or phrases to the images that represent them?
Word Ladder
Word Ladder: Albanian Capital
Name the 4-letter words in this geography-themed word ladder.
Just For Fun
Quick Pick: Weird Animal Names
Pick the real animal names whilst avoiding the decoys.
Just For Fun
One Minute Logic
Can you guess the correct combination with 5 clues and 1 minute? (See More Info)
Missing Word: Paraprosdokian Quotes
Pick the missing word to complete each quote with a twist.
Fading Logos 4
When you press 'Play Quiz', some well-known logos will appear very briefly, then disappear forever. Can you name them?
Just For Fun
When Wikipedia Doesn't Give You a 'Global City'
Given the first three letters of a global city's name, supply the top hit on Wikipedia (other than the letters themselves).
Just For Fun
Quick Pick: British Oscar Winners (Best Actress)
Can you quickly pick the Brit who won the academy award for Best Actress?
Just For Fun
Saturday Sudoku CLII
It's not pseudoscience—it's sudo-science.
Just For Fun
Nature: Our Distant Cousins
For each pair of organisms, click the one that is more closely related to humans. See MORE INFO.
Just For Fun
Not Quite Jurassic World
Somehow that iconic scene looks even better with walruses rather than raptors.
Word Ladder
Word Ladder: Country Splits II
Can you provide the 3-letter words to this word ladder that has split country names in thirds?
Get the Picture: Premier League or Quidditch Nickname?
Can you decide whether each nickname refers to an all-time English Premier League team or a Quidditch team, from Harry Potter?
Just For Fun
Sporcle Minesweeper XIX
88% of the square are not mines, if that makes you feel any better.
The Sporcle Ball Pit
Can you find the 15 Sporcle globes hidden in the McDonald's ball pit?
Missing Word: Events of the 19(?)3s
Name the words missing from these events from the third year of each decade in the 20th century.
Quick Pick : Muhammad Ali Losses
Pick the Boxers who defeated Muhammad Ali and avoid those who did not beat The Greatest.
Just For Fun: One Of The Five
Can you name One Of The Five' that will cause all of the other answers to appear for each of the Just For Fun headings?
Just For Fun
Saturday Sudoku CLI
We could fill these shelves with just Sporcle Saturday Sudokus at this point.
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