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Animals by Painted Eggs
Even animals celebrate Easter.
Yo, Ho, Ho, and it Starts With 'Rum'
Pirates are gonna love this.
Left Right Left Typing Challenge
Pretend you're marching for a drill instructor.
Harder Logic Grid Puzzle 1: Wacky Race
No word on whether Penelope Pitstop was involved.
Letters not in DRC
It really is a long name.
Slightly Off T-Shirts
Well, at least we're pretty sure that shirt came from the '90s.
Fill in the Crossword Grid 4
Get your grid filled in!
Color by Biography Title
Colorful characters make the best biography subjects.
Hitori Puzzle: Easy
This puzzle is sort of like fixing a broken sudoku.
Mini Sudoku XIII
We would wish you luck, but this one is number 13, so...
Bridges (Large) - 12
Let's build a bridge to the future.
One, Two...Not Three XIII
It's as easy as one, two... not three.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XXIX
With this many minefields, you'd think you'd just relocate.
10 to 1: Around the House
Get your house in order.
Crossword Blackout! XII
Finishing a crossword is much easier if you just color all the squares black.
Masters or Nobel Prize?
Both are pretty crazy accomplishments.
Walkie Talkie Style Names
Are you a quizzie wizzie?
The 3rd Thing You Need To Know: Unusual Articles
Bear in mind the 1st and 2nd things you also need to know.
A-Z 'Red' Things
Mess up and you'll be seeing red.
Odyssey or Odyssey?
I for one would love to see Mario in ancient Greece.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers XVI
Remember, there are no mistakes. Just happy little accidents.
Two-Letter Venn Diagram
Who knew two letters could have so many meanings?
Mini Sudoku 14
Get your logic caps out!
Walked on the Moon vs Pitched a No-Hitter
Can't wait for the future when someone throws a no-hitter ON the Moon.
If the person who named Walkie Talkie ... (2)
Feel free to use a walkie talkie with a friend to solve these.
Chihuahua or Blueberry Muffin
Does this make the muffin a dog-elganger?
Word Ladder Cover V
You'll go gaga for this ladder.
2x2 Directional Minefield Map
Four squares and a whole lot of logic.
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