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Missing Word: Music & Movies (D)
Name the 4-letter words beginning with 'D' missing from these songs & movie titles.
1-25 Logic Puzzle
Break out that abacus.
Quick Pick: Wizarding World Groups
Pick the group that accurately describes all three Harry Potter characters.
That's Not a Cyrillic Letter! (Blitz)
Pick the letters that are NOT in the Cyrillic alphabet whilst avoiding the ones that are.
Quick Pick: Animals on NBA Logos
Can you click the animals that are on NBA logos while avoiding the decoys?
Pizzeria Logic Puzzle
At the end of this quiz we immediately ate an entire pizza. It just happened. There's no way to explain it.
Logic Puzzle: 1-25 Number Grid
Make sure your digits are lined up right!
Classic Clickable Jokes V
Why was the Army Officer seen with those corn cobs? Because he was a Colonel!(What, you've got a butter joke than that?)
Clickable Numbers: 1-50 in Words
You have about a fifty percent chance of getting this right on your first try.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XI
If you think Deadpool is a Premier League team, this might not be the quiz for you.
Snakes and Ladders
Pick the types of snakes while avoiding the ladders.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers XI
Paint-by-numbers is extra tough if you have synesthesia and they use the "wrong" colors.
'I've Been Framed!' Logic Puzzle
This quiz was obviously set up by the one-armed man.
Logic Puzzle: 1-25 Number Grid II
When it comes to numbers games, you can count on us!
April Fools' Day Logic Puzzle
So what's the best prank you've ever pulled?
4 x 4 Number Logic Puzzle
It's just a simple grid of numbers. How hard could it be?
Nimble Number Logic Puzzle II
No matter how nimble these numbers get, they always stay logical.
Image Word Wheel VII
Time to set the wheels in motion.
Missing Word: Music & Movies (B) III
Name the 6-letter words beginning with 'B' missing from these songs & movie titles?
Color Sequence Memory Game
If you actually mixed the following color sequence together, we're pretty sure you'd get a nice shade of black.
Dog Breeds by Puppies
A quiz filled with pictures of puppies? This might be the end of the Internet as we know it.
Binary Logic Puzzle II
A binary logic puzzle? This should be easy as 01, 10, 11.
1-100 Whiteout
An homage to the days before word processors when whiteout was the only way to correct a mistake.
Binary Logic Puzzle III
There are 10 types of people: those that understand binary, and those that don't.
Picture Click Logic Puzzle II: Rotated Grid
A rotated grid is less logical than a regular grid, but certainly more interesting.
Missing Word: English Football Stadiums
Name the missing word in these English football stadiums.
Missing Word: Music & Movies (F)
Name the 4-letter words beginning with 'F' missing from these songs & movie titles.
Logical Logic Puzzle
This quiz is so logical it's positively Vulcan.
High School Election Logic Puzzle
This is the strangest way we've seen to achieve high school popularity.
Crossword Blackout! IX
Even more challenging than a Crossword Brownout.
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