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Number Grid III
Three is a magic number...grid.
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Even if you're pretty sure it's lemon juice, it's probably safest to just follow this rule at all times.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz VI
This quiz offers a surprise with every click!
Odd But True Facts IV
Just because these facts are true doesn't mean they're not weird.
Number Grid II
We're counting on you to not get lost.
Find That Country: Hot or Cold
It's always a good idea to pack for varied weather conditions.
Word Ladder: The Lion King Songs
Name the 4-letter words in this word ladder featuring songs from 'The Lion King'.
If At First You Don't Succeed...II
If at first you don't succeed, play, play again.
Homophone Typing Challenge
Auto-correct can't help you here.
Grey's Anatomy Logic Quiz
Can you name doctors in this Grey's Anatomy Logic Quiz?
Picture Click: 52 Card Pickup!
All right, who dropped the deck this time?
Where's Waldo? (Clickable Picture)
Can you find Waldo (Wally) in the picture below?
Food Cubes
Strangely enough, there is no sugar cube in this quiz.
Pizzeria Logic Puzzle
At the end of this quiz we immediately ate an entire pizza. It just happened. There's no way to explain it.
Blitz: Red, White, or Blue
These colors don't run, but they sometimes blitz.
Word Ladder: Ariana Grande
Name the 4-letter words to this word ladder featuring songs by Ariana Grande.
Odd But True Facts XIX
Facts get really strange sometimes.
Crossword Blackout! IX
Even more challenging than a Crossword Brownout.
Quick Pick: Saintly Capitals
Pick the countries whose capital is named after a catholic saint, without clicking any that are not.
Quick Pick: Sports Events
Pick the sport for each event.
'S' Country Logic Puzzle
These countries are simply smashing.
Maths Logic Puzzle
Can you place numbers 1-25 in the grid?
Typing Challenge III
If you smell something burning, it's probably your fingertips.
Missing Word: 2018 Movies (A-Z)
Name the missing words (A-Z) from these movies released in 2018.
Word Race (3 Letters)
See how you did and act hip, big fun for all!
Apartment Building Logic Puzzle
This is no way to map out who lives where.
Word Ladder: North Carolina
Name the four-letter words in this North Carolina-themed ladder.
1-100 Whiteout
An homage to the days before word processors when whiteout was the only way to correct a mistake.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XIII
Another quiz for the panicky scatterbrain inside all of us.
Odd But True Facts VII
Fun fact: it's socially unacceptable to skip the even numbered pages of a book and declare that it was very odd.
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