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Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XVIII
Danger awaits around every click.
99 Nimble Numbers Match-Up
They're just numbers, how hard could it be? Oh...nevermind.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz VIII
Not to be cheesy, but this quiz is pretty fun.
Word Ladder: Sing It!
Name the four letter words preceding 'It' in this song filled word ladder.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XII
At some point, we should create a multi-category minefield blitz just about previous quizzes in this series.
Snake Path Logic Puzzle
You're going to have to...slither...through this one.
Figure Out the Lyrics
The first step in getting this song in your head, is to figure out what it is.
Alpha Blitz!
If you finish this quiz, there's a good chance you're a cyborg.
Quick Pick: Jules Verne
Pick the correct missing word from these Jules Verne novels.
SPEAKEASY Puzzle Hunt 4: Hints
Stuck and need a hint? See game note for instructions:*
Green or Red? A Logic Puzzle
To succeed at this quiz, you need to think green thoughts.
Logical Numbers Logic Puzzle
The logical thing to do at this point would be to give this quiz a try.
25 Number Logic Puzzle
Warning: This may hurt your head more than calculus.
Treasure Hunt!
This isn't the kind of hunt where you knock on your neighbor's door, but don't let that stop you from doing so!
Color Logic Puzzle
There are only three colors to think about, we aren't asking you to deal with the whole spectrum!
Harry Potter Logic - 'In Chains' II
Can you place the Harry Potter characters and objects without guessing? Make sure to read the 'How to Play'!
Mini Paint-By-Numbers II
We would've done regular paint-by-numbers, but paint has just gotten so darn expensive.
Sporcle High School Logic Puzzle
Who said there was any logic in High School?
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)
Pick the correct answers from the choices provided.
Missing Word: Portmanteaus
Name the words missing from these portmanteaus (words formed by blending or merging two other words).
Classroom Grades Logic Puzzle
If you make it all the way through this logic puzzle, you deserve an A .
Tree of General Knowledge
Unlike stupid regular trees, trivia trees do not need water or sunlight to grow.
Miscolored Rhymes
It's like drawing with what you thought was a black colored pencil, and it turns out purple.
Spacebar Challenge: Extreme Edition
Frankly, we're not even sure this is possible.
Drawing a Blank
'The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.' --Nabokov
Crossword Blackout!
This quiz is like the Build-A-Bear of crossword puzzles.
Disney & Pixar Titles in Other Words
It's like a glimpse into the rejected ideas of Disney's marketing department.
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle X
A logic puzzle that makes you fantasize about owning your own little island is a good puzzle.
Word Ladder Picture Grid
Use the pictures to name the 4-letter rungs in this word ladder grid. See 'How to Play'.
The Heinous Lying Logic Puzzle
You might need to find a lie detector before playing this logic quiz.
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