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Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XX
We can't believe we've already done 20 of these quizzes. How many more categories can there possibly be?
This, But Not That III
You can go with THIS, or you can go with THAT.
Word Search Logic Puzzle
Combining two puzzle types into one only seems logical.
100 Number Matching Madness
It can be dangerous to play with matches.
Quick Click Grid Minefield
Don't get gridlocked!
Quick Pick: Literary Questions
Pick the missing word from these literary questioning works.
One, Two...not Three VI
Hopefully you are good at making connections!
Animals A-Z
It's like going to the zoo, only warmer and without the scary penguins.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers VIII
Then put your mini-art in a mini-gallery!
Boy or Girl Logic Puzzle
Just know that Sporcle is an appropriate name for both boys and girls.
Drawing a Blank
'The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.' --Nabokov
Missing Word: Fortnite Locations
Name the missing word from these locations found in Fortnite Battle Royale.
Apartment Building Logic Puzzle
This is no way to map out who lives where.
Crazy Number Logic Puzzle
You have to be a little insane to finish this logic puzzle.
'I've Been Framed!' Logic Puzzle
This quiz was obviously set up by the one-armed man.
Animal Puns
This quiz is amoosing...
Mini Memory Game
Knock down a few cobwebs in the ol' memory bank.
🔥Just Be CLOSE: Just For Fun Edition🚨
Can you guess the correct number OR come within 10 of the correct answer (answers will be # 01-100 only) for this game? See Game Note for important note
Quick Pick: 'Fire' Movies
Pick the missing words from these movies featuring the word 'Fire' in the title.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XVIII
Danger awaits around every click.
Number Grid Logic Puzzle XIII (1-36)
Can you enter the numbers from 1 to 36 in the correct cells?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz
Not a quiz for the faint of heart...or those working in a quiet cubicle.
Missing Word: Toy Hall of Fame
Name the missing word in these Toy Hall of Fame inductees.
We've already set you up to win, all you have to do is finish.
A-Z Typing Blitz
This quiz may be a little different than what Mavis Beacon taught you.
The Uncheatable Challenge
Are you feeling lucky? Get 50% or better on this quiz, and you're halfway to earning the Gambler badge!
Classic Clickable Jokes II
You might have heard your uncle tell more than one of these over the holidays.
Word Ladder: Going to the Beach
Name the four-letter words to complete this word ladder about things you may find at the beach.
Quick Pick: Riverdale Characters
Pick the corresponding surnames of the characters from Riverdale.
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