Just For Fun

Spots or Stripes?
Thankfully, the ultra-rare zebreapord is nowhere to be seen.
A-A Match
Match up your 'A' phrases with amazing accuracy!
Word Ladder: Before and After Circle
This circle will not be broken.
10, 20, 30, 40... 50 or More?
Let's just call this the niftiest fiftiest!
Binary Logic Puzzle 6x6 (Easy)
Will you be a zero, or will you be the one?
Fountain of Trevi
Make a wish!
Funny Exam Answers
If only funny exam answers actually helped your grade.
Clickable Marriage Jokes
Laughter is the key to a successful marriage.
Corner Confusion
By the end of this, you'll be wondering if you ever really knew left from right.
By Another Name Blitz
It still smells as sweet.
Click a Color
Colour your world.
Word Ladders: This's or That's
You can go with this, or you can go with that.
Typing Challenge: 100 'I' Words
It's incredible if you finish immediately.
Picture Click: 52 Card Pickup! III
52 Card Pick-Up: every big brother's favorite game.
Sporcle Subcategories Typing Challenge
Kyrgyzstan should definitely have its own subcategory.
Curious Case of the Missing Piece
This game is a piece of cake.
100 Kumquats
Celebrate Sporcle hitting 2 billion plays by clicking an orange fruit!
Maze Runner
This is nothing like the book OR the movie!
Which Color Is It?
Now here's a quiz that's not afraid to show its true colors.
Colored Shapes Blitz
Be ready for a color overload.
Before and After Word Ladder: Rough Terrain Indeed
It's so rough, you might want to give up.
TV Goes to Broadway (Multiple Choice)
Give my regards to cable!
Disney or Dickinson?
Walt and Emily would be proud.
Test Your Memory In A Different Format!
Put your memory to the test!
Colours by Shade 7-to-1
Let's throw some shade.
Multiple Choice Minefield Blitz
Thinking is probably not a wise decision.
The Cute Sporcle Quiz
Warning: this quiz may be too cute to handle!
Sporcle Logic Picture Click 4x4
I'm packing my bags to move to this neighborhood.
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