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Harry Potter Logic Puzzle II
Hermoine can use the Time-Turner to save Buckbeak but not Sirius Black, so we are not sure logic plays a vital role in Harry Potter land.
Word Ladder: Driving the Lane
Name the 4-letter words in this basketball-themed ladder.
Quick Pick: 'B' Words in Best Picture Titles
Complete the titles of these best picture winners.
1-50 in 60
Warning: Do not expose this quiz to an open flame.
Crazy Eights
We've really put you behind the eight ball on this one.
First Name Frenzy!
We're not joking about the word "Frenzy" here.
Clickable 1-100 Mines
Counting hasn't been this stressful since pre-school.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers XI
Paint-by-numbers is extra tough if you have synesthesia and they use the "wrong" colors.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Will you pass this logic puzzle with an 'Outstanding' or will you get a 'Troll'?
Mary Poppins Challenge
Ya know, if you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious.
Crazy Eights II
We're really behind the 8-ball on this one.
Quick Pick: Cinderella Characters
Pick the Cinderella characters while avoiding the decoys.
Evil, Neutral, and Good Logic Puzzle
Telling good from evil shouldn't be so puzzling.
Missing Word: First-Person Shooters
Name the missing words from the titles of these first-person shooter games.
Quick Pick: 'A' Words in Best Picture Titles
Complete the titles of these best picture winners.
Crossword Blackout! IX
Even more challenging than a Crossword Brownout.
True or False Logic Quiz
After this logic puzzle, we can't be sure what the truth even is anymore
1-20 Clickable Mines
You wouldn't think counting to 20 would be so dang hard.
Find Voldemort! An H.P. Logic Puzzle
We prefer to think of him as "The Artist Formerly Known as He Who Must Not Be Named".
The most fun your fingers could have in under a minute.
Typing Challenge
Success could be measured by how far you get, or perhaps by how much fun you had.
World Leaders: Dead, Alive, or Fictional?
Some of these fictional leaders would do pretty well in the real world.
Spacebar Challenge II
This is pure evil.
Eye-Numbing Numbers
Warning: In case of numb eyes brought on by Sporclitis, try blinking a few times.
Image Word Wheel VII
Time to set the wheels in motion.
Classroom Grades Logic Puzzle
If you make it all the way through this logic puzzle, you deserve an A .
Word Ladder: Shawn Mendes
Name the 4-letter words to this word ladder featuring songs by Shawn Mendes.
Mini Paint-By-Numbers
For those of you who see artistic beauty in rows and columns.
This or That: Frying or Boiling?
Choose which food preparation is shown in the images
Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle
According to the founders of Hogwarts, there are 4 types of kid: Smart, Brave, Evil, and Other.
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