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25 Number Logic Puzzle
Warning: This may hurt your head more than calculus.
This, But Not That IV
Quizzes like this are always a little bit of this with a little bit of that.
Word Ladder: Blue Phrases
Name the four-letter words in this word ladder to complete some phrases and titles that are feeling a bit blue.
This, But Not That
This quiz is tricky, but not impossibly so.
Quick Pick: Begins With 'Im' by 3 Synonyms
Pick the correct words that start with 'Im-' by 3 words that mean the same.
This, But Not That III
You can go with THIS, or you can go with THAT.
This, But Not That II
This is a quiz, but not a bad one.
Clickable 1-100 Mines
Counting hasn't been this stressful since pre-school.
Missing Word: 'Holy' Songs
Name the missing religion-themed word from each song title.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle II
Hermoine can use the Time-Turner to save Buckbeak but not Sirius Black, so we are not sure logic plays a vital role in Harry Potter land.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
Will you pass this logic puzzle with an 'Outstanding' or will you get a 'Troll'?
This, But Not That VI
Pick the category to which the first part of the clue belongs, but not the second.
This, But Not That V
Can you pick the category to which the first part of the clue belongs, but not the second?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XII
At some point, we should create a multi-category minefield blitz just about previous quizzes in this series.
Number Maze II
This is pretty a-maze-ing if you ask us.
1-50 in 60
Warning: Do not expose this quiz to an open flame.
Word Ladder: Lannister
Name the 4-letter words in this 'A Song of Ice and Fire'-themed ladder.
1-20 Clickable Mines
You wouldn't think counting to 20 would be so dang hard.
Treasure Hunt!
This isn't the kind of hunt where you knock on your neighbor's door, but don't let that stop you from doing so!
Word Ladder: Oscars Accountants
Name the five-letter words in this ladder about the accountants who made headlines at the 2017 Academy Awards.
Nimble Number Logic Puzzle
This quiz is so logical it might be evil.
Find Voldemort! An H. P. Logic Puzzle
We prefer to think of him as "The Artist Formerly Known as He Who Must Not Be Named".
This, But Not That VII
Can you pick the category to which the first part of the clue belongs, but not the second?
Colors by Synonym
Color us impressed.
Click the Colored Squares
It's hip to click squares.
The most fun your fingers could have in under a minute.
Nimble Number Logic Puzzle II
No matter how nimble these numbers get, they always stay logical.
The Odd/Even Challenge
This quiz is a little odd...or is it a little even? We might never know.
True or False Logic Quiz
After this logic puzzle, we can't be sure what the truth even is anymore
Typing Challenge
Success could be measured by how far you get, or perhaps by how much fun you had.
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