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Celebrity Couples 2018
Match the celebrities who were still a couple at the end of 2018.
Celebrities in Hats
Can you name all the famous people seen here sporting various headware?
Paint 'E', 'F', 'G' Cartoon Character
Name the cartoon character that gets painted by identifying the other cartoon and comic characters.
Company From its Simple Logo Explanation
Pick the correct company from its rather basic logo explanation? .
Peanuts: Bring the Smiles
Are you ready to draw your own comic strip with trivia?
Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan
A match-up we'd all pay to see.
Flashing Fictional Characters!
Can you choose the correct fictional characters from the options that flash onscreen?
Best Musicals with No MUSIC
A musical without music would just be a play.
Heroes and Villains by First Names
Can you find the superheroes and villains when provided only with the first names of their secret identities?
DC & Marvel Comics Mugs
It's got to be tough to drink with your mask on.
Captain Marvel's Powers
'Glowing majestically' is a power of most superheroes.
Fictional Ninjas
Name the fictional ninjas.
Anything but DC Characters
"No Superman" is exactly what you're looking for in this quiz.
Food and Drink on the Broadway Stage
Can you identify the Broadway show based on an image of a key character eating or drinking?
Harley Quinn Appearences
Pick the Harley Quinn Appearences.
30 Inhumans Enemies by Cover
Name the Marvel Characters fighting against the Inhumans
Celebrities who go by their Middle name
Can you pick Pick the Middle name of Celebrities who go by their Middle names.
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Women
Their pictures may be tiny, but they're gigantically heroic.
Hamilton Character by Song Lyric
Pick the Hamilton character by a song lyric that he or she sings.
Celebrity Pajama Party
Name the celebrities wearing pajamas?*.
Whose Cartoon Mustache?
We mustache you to play this quiz.
Find the Superhero Celebrity
Pick the correct celebrity when given the name of a superhero they played and an image from an unrelated movie.
Celebrity Early Head Shots III
How early can we go?
Avoid the Disney Characters
Pick the fictional character who is not a Disney character.
Great African Actors
When prompted, can you pick the correct African actor?
IA-IZ People
Name these famous people who have initials from IA-IZ*.
Fictional Species Sort
Can you tell your fairies apart from your elves?
Dan Who?
Let's boldly go where no Dan has gone before.
Who's That With Jennifer Aniston?
Name the person pictured with Jennifer Aniston.
Celebrity Picture Surname Match
The aim of the game is to find the same name.
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