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Madam, I'm Adam
Name the famous people named Adam pictured below.
Inverted Faces
Name the people from images of them with inverted colours.
Broadway Musicals By Main Character
Can you 'Dim The Lights' on the right Broadway Musical when given the main character's name?
Titular Side Characters
Can you finish the titles of these works where the titular character is not the main character?
Superhero Acrostic Puzzle
If you get stuck, send up a signal and Acrosticman will come give you some hints.
KA-KZ People
Name these famous people who have initials from KA-KZ.
Superhero Slot Machine
Plot twist; Superman has a gambling problem.
Superheroes on Broadway
Pick the Broadway musical by its Superhero version.
Click a Williams
This quiz contains 20 Williams, but not a single William.
Royal Posers
Name the actresses who have played or voiced Queen Elizabeth II in TV and film? .
1980'S Top Selling Novels that became Movies
Match the author of these Top Selling or Critically Acclaimed Fiction Novels of the 1980's that was made into a movie.
Musical Counterpoint (clips)
Name the Musical from the Counterpoint clips.
Who is Banksy?
How much do you know about Banksy? Answer the questions posed on the following slides and find out.
Marvel Picture Find: Sinister Six
The real sinister part is that there are way more than six answers.
Hand-Drawn Classic Comic Strip Characters
Computer animated comic strip characters need not apply.
Actors in Agatha Christie Adaptations
Name the actors pictured in each screen (film or TV) adaptation of an Agatha Christie work.
Fictional Characters of the World
Can you find the countries of origin for each of these fictional characters?
Superheroes by Keychain
It would be pretty embarrassing to lose the keys to the Batmobile.
Nameless in Entertainment
It would appear that you don't always have to make a name for yourself.
This or That Blitz: 'D' Entertainment
Can you choose the missing word that begins with 'D' in each song, movie, or TV show?
Fun And Games With Jimmy Fallon
Name the celebrities playing games with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.
16 Little Celebrity Pictograms
This probably isn't how you're used to picturing John Candy.
Sporcle Crossword: WWE Wrestlemania
We wouldn't want to cross these wrestlers.
Comic Character by Eye Make-Up
Pick the make-up design that was inspired by each Marvel or DC character.
Maybe it would be better to call him S.H.A.Z.A.M.
Match the Celebrities names
Match the celebrities first and last names.
Hello, My Name Is... 'O'
"And 'O' is also the name of my magazine."
Either/Or in 30: Famous Siblings
In 30 seconds, can you choose the sibling of each of the 13 celebrities?
Eagles or Eagles?
Can you figure out which of these people were quarterbacks for the Philadelphia Eagles (type T for 'team'), and which were members of the band The Eagles (type B for 'band')?
Marvel 8 to 1: Captain Marvel
Too bad you don't get her powers if you ace this quiz.
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