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Celebrity Diplomacy
Pick the diplomatic events or causes associated with each celebrity.
'B' Fictional Character Blitz
Pick the fictional character from the picture.
Come On, Can I Have A Second Chance?
In movies, a serial killer usually will try and kill one specific victim. If you're shown a serial killer, can you identify who they wanted to kill, but their victim got away?
Marvel Characters by Definition
Pick the Marvel Character by its definition
Marvel Characters in Dice Masters IV
Pick the Marvel characters by their Dice Masters game representation.
Do They Come From The Land Down Under?
Can you choose whether these famous people were born in Australia, rather than New Zealand?
Sporcle's Easiest Monty Python
Can you name Sporcle's easiest Monty Python answers for each category?
A-Z Characters: Doctors
Name the surnames or character names of these fictional doctors starting with each letter of the alphabet.
Musicals Acrostic
Can you fill in the musical for the given songs to reveal another musical's song down the middle, then fill in that song's musical at the bottom?
Titular Actors of Roald Dahl's Adaptations
Can you find the actor that performed or voiced the titular role in these adaptations of Roald Dahl's stories?
Movies, TV and Actors
Pick the the actors who played the same character, with one playing them on film and the other on TV.
Vowel Cut Celebrities
These celebs should visit the set of Wheel of Fortune, because they need to buy a vowel.
Celebrities with a Letter for Surname
Name the famous people who use/used a single letter as their 'surname'.
Wolverine's Powers
We're talking powers aside from "being really good at what he does and having that thing be really, really bad, bub."
Flower Girls
Can you choose the woman from these groups who shares her name with a flower?
Vowel Cut Celebrities II
Can you click on the picture of each celebrity when given their first and last names cut off at the first vowel?
Family Guy Characters by Lego
Name these Family Guy characters depicted by each Lego model.
Pixar Character or Vice President?
Can you choose if each of these characters is either from Pixar or was a Vice President?
Pick 5 in 15: Marvel Superheroes
The Flash would have plenty of time to finish this quiz. Too bad he's a DC character.
Edible Celebrity Names
Match the celebrity with the food or drink that is either the celebrity's first, last or, entire names.
Celebrity - Mother Matching
Can you match each Celebrity with his or her mother?
Who is That with Mother?
Name these Famous People with their Awesome Moms.
Celebrity Couples Character Match Up
Can you match up the characters that two halves of a married celebrity couple have played?
Title Character or Not?
It's probably awesome to get a movie named after you... unless the movie turns out to be terrible. Then not so much.
TV/Movie Characters and Lent
If you're shown something a character from TV and Movies gave up for Lent, can you identify them?
Entertaining MM's
Name the entertainers with the initials 'MM'.
Letter Bag - Tony Best Musicals
Name the Tony winners for Best Musical that belong to each letter-based grab bag category below.
Find the Cartoon Rodents
We smell a rat. And also some hamsters, squirrels, and chipmunks.
Celebrity Sorting XII
Some day, will Julia Roberts become a politician and break this quiz?
Famous British people when young
Match the famous British people to pictures of them as children.
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