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Anime Year Sorting Gallery
Can you pick which anime first started airing in each year?
5 by 5 Famous Names IV
Crikey! These are some famous people!
'And' or 'In'?
Are you in? Or are you and? Wait...
16 Little Cartoon Character Pictograms
We hope you don't draw a blank on these cartoon characters.
Find the Cartoon Mice
Our puns are so cheesy, we could feed all these mice.
Complete the Broadway Song... With a Picture
A picture is worth a thousand songs.
Finish the Anime Titles That Share Words
Find the other words in these titles
Which of the Two...Broadway Musicals
Knowing your Sondheim vs your Fosse is key...said no one ever.
Follow That Line: Stand-Up Comedy
Finally, someone can tell us what the deal is with airline food.
Cartoon Characters Slideshow (A-Z)
In the mixed up world of cartoons, this alphabetical arrangement brings some order.
Anime by title 1
Name the Anime.
guess the kdrama!
Name the guess the kdrama!.
Character by Costume
Can you click the correct character by costume?
Pick That Superhero
Can you choose the correct appearance of each Marvel or DC Comics super hero or super villain?
Comedians by First Names
In case you forgot the name of the comic you came to see.
Avatar: The Legend Of Aang - Logic Puzzle 01
Can you get through this ATLA logic puzzle?
Find the Cartoon Kids III
Someone call mall security and report these cartoon kids missing.
8 to 1: 1990s Pop Culture
Be honest, how many of these pop culture things did you partake in?
Original X-Men
These were the first of many.
Superhero Kid Costumes
This superhero stuff must be child’s play.
Click the Cartoon Silhouette
These cartoons are so well-known, you don't need facial features to know who they are.
Superhero Line-Up
These superheroes sure do clean up nicely.
Hello, My Name is...'E'
We've heard these folks are elusive. Or maybe that was effusive.
'M' Cartoon Characters by Picture
Mmmmm, cartoon characters.
Broadway Musicals (A-Z)
It has been said that 'Most convicted felons are just people who were not taken to museums or Broadway musicals as children.'
Faces on TIME (1960s)
It's about TIME we ask you a few questions.
Faces on TIME (1950s)
"Lost time is never found again." -Benjamin Franklin
Broadway Song Sorting
Can you match each song to the Broadway musical it belongs in?
Profile: Black Panther
Name these facts about the Black Panther.
anime by dancing
Name the anime by dancing.
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