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Superhero by Picture Blitz
If you're going to identify superheroes, you're going to have move quickly.
Super Hero Movies
Name the Super Hero Movies.
Anime characters by their eyes
Name the Anime characters by their eyes.
Broadway Show by On-Stage Instrument
Can you identify the Broadway show based on an image of a character playing an instrument?
Broadway Musicals By Character
Name the Broadway Musical when given a leading male and female character.
2018 Kpop MV Thumbnail
Name the 2018 Kpop MV from its Thumbnail.
Brie Larson Roles
Name the Brie Larson Roles.
Draw The Anime
Name the Anime that each character belongs to in order to complete the image below.
Titular Side Characters
Can you finish the titles of these works where the titular character is not the main character?
Royal Posers
Name the actresses who have played or voiced Queen Elizabeth II in TV and film? .
Who Am I? Before They Were Famous
Name these celebrities from a childhood picture.
Flashing Fictional Characters!
Can you choose the correct fictional characters from the options that flash onscreen?
Fictional Characters of the World
Can you find the countries of origin for each of these fictional characters?
Who Am I? Famous Dogs Edition
Can you click each famous dog based on the clue provided?
The Big Board: Celebrities
You know you've made it when they ask about you on a trivia game show.
Hello, My Name Is... 'T'
Hopefully this quiz is your cup of T.
Top Earning Deceased
The folks at Forbes put it best, "It's still a bull market in the bone yard."
Odd One Out - Entertainment
Odds are you’ll find this quiz entertaining.
Best Musicals with No MUSIC
A musical without music would just be a play.
¿Puedes nombrar los 50 paises de Europa?
¿Cuántos paises de Europa conoces?
Fictional Names in Other Words
We really feel that 'Iowa's nickname' 'Puncture' was one of the great characters in entertainment.
Guess NCT 2018 as Babies
Can you guess NCT as babies?
Kpop Speed Quiz: Name all the Boy Group members
Name the Kpop Speed Quiz: Can you name all the Boy Group members.
Tricky anime quiz #2!! (Easier Version)
Are you really familiar with anime? (You may read the 'how to play' description first)
Hand-Drawn Classic Comic Strip Characters
Computer animated comic strip characters need not apply.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands (Picture Click)
Match the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands to their name (Picture Click).
Guess the NCT 127 member's name
Guess the NCT 127 member's name?
WWE Criteria Quiz: Tag Team Champions
Pick the champions who fulfill ALL criteria, reducing as you go.
Vlog Squad Quiz!
Quiz on the Vlog Squad! (David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Zane Hijazi, etc.)
This or That Blitz: Marvel Heroes or Villains
There's a thin line between those who save the world and those who wish to destroy it.
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