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Past and Present X-Men
That's a lot of mutants.
'E' Celebrity Images
Don't get this confused with E! celebrity images, Sporcle is not beholden to any Kardashians.
Gimme 5: Musicals
Tickets to five musicals sounds like it would cost a lot of money.
Fill in the 'B' Words
Everything is coming up "B".
Name That Musical
Ever since making this quiz, I have been walking around singing 'Shipoopi' and I'll be darned if it isn't appreciated by my friends and family.
SHAZAM - not just an acronym, but a super acronym.
Know Your Lantern Corps!
We hope Gollum never hears about this.
Riddles Me This
When one does not know what it is, then it is something; but when one knows what it is, then it is nothing.
LazyTown Quiz
Name the various things from LazyTown.
Musical Story Origins
We always assumed most musicals were based on movies that were based on other musicals.
Cartoon Voices
Somehow I don't think Shrek would have been nearly as funny if Tom Green had been the voice.
When They Were Young
Apparently wine, cheese and celebrities get better with age.
Famous Marks
Here is hoping that this quiz is on the Mark.
Famous Cats
As I sit here looking over this list of famous cats, I look over at my cat and.....'Hey! Come back here cat, I was talking to you!'
Cartoon Couples
Some couples are boring, others can be quite animated.
Marvel Characters by Hands
Being a glovemaker for a superhero must be a very nice business indeed.
The Orville Season 1 Trivia (Hard)
Can you ace this tough test on season one of The Orville?
Can you match the kpop group with their fandom ?
Match the kpop group with their fandom .
Mixed Word: Batman's Rogues Gallery
Can you unscramble the mixed word clues to reveal the Batman Family adversaries collectively known as the Rogues Gallery?
300 Most Published Marvel Females
Name the 300 Most Published Female Characters of Marvel Comics.
Spider-Man Villain Alter Ego Match-Up
Match the Spider-Man villains to their alter egos.
Fictional Hotels by TripAdvisor-style review
Identify the hotels and similar establishments in various forms of popular culture from their TripAdvisor-style reviews. Enter either the name of the place, or the work in which it appears.
Celebrity by Definition
Pick the correct Celebrity by the definitions of their names.
BUNNY Disney
Can you identify all the various Disney rabbits and hares?
Picture Click: Cartoon Cars
Can you click the correct car to match each description?
Choose the Riverdale AND Archie Comics Characters
Pick the characters that are both in Riverdale AND Archie Comics.
Singers Acting Up
Singers who act or actors who sing? You decide.
Alliterative Entertainers
Name the alliterative entertainers.
Anime Girl by Picture
Name the anime characters from the pictures below.
Self-Portraits in Iconic Cartoon Styles
Sam Skinner took the challenge of drawing herself in the styles of famous cartoons. How many can you name? (See How to Play)
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