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Famous Faces (Badly Drawn)
Some might think this quiz is sketchy, but somehow we just felt drawn to it.
Cartoon Feet: Nickelodeon
It's nice to see familiar feet. Even if they're a bit smelly.
Hamilton: Who Am I?
For a guy who lived over 200 years ago, Alexander Hamilton is still pretty popular.
Cocktail Ingredients
Pass your bartenders exam or amaze your friends with your knowledge of booze.
Disney Sorting Gallery II
Disney fans: this one's for you.
1992 SNL Cast Photo
Name the cast members in this 1992 photo from Saturday Night Live.
Follow That Lyric: The Sound of Music
If the hills really were alive, we wouldn't stick around to keep singing about it.
Company From its Simple Logo Explanation
Pick the correct company from its rather basic logo explanation? .
Porn Star full name
Pick the Porn Star full name.
Click the Super-Men!
How is it that people are always mistaking him for a bird or a plane?
Silhouettes: Marvel Superheroes
What're you staring at, bub?
TheSchool For Good & Evil Answer By The Previous Answer
Name the The School For Good And Evil Character By the Previous Answer.
One Piece Characters Timed Minefield (Picture Click)
Click on the correct One Piece characters without getting one wrong or running out of time!
Cartoon Characters Slideshow (A-Z)
In the mixed up world of cartoons, this alphabetical arrangement brings some order.
Batman Villains
Just once we'd like to see Batman work as mall security punishing shoplifters. Now that would be a movie.
Disney Sorting Gallery IV
The Disney empire goes beyond your old VHS collection, but you already knew that.
Anything but DC Characters
"No Superman" is exactly what you're looking for in this quiz.
Marvel Picture Find: Age of Apocalypse
How many characters from the X-Men 'Age of Apocalypse' storyline can you spot in this picture?
Marvel Picture Find: Spider-Man
Strong Spidey-senses encouraged, but not required, for this one.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands 「Inclu. Jojolion」
Name the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands 「Inclu. Jojolion」.
Seven Dirty Words
Though we try to keep things relatively clean here at Sporcle, a tribute to the recently passed George Carlin made this quiz a necessity.
Game of Thrones Cast at Season 8 Premiere
Name these Game of Thrones cast members.
Hello, My Name Is... 'T'
Hopefully this quiz is your cup of T.
How Well Do You Know BLACKPINK?
How Well Do You Know BLACKPINK?
5 by 5 Famous Names IV
Crikey! These are some famous people!
Real People in Musicals
Live your life like Stephen Sondheim is writing a musical about you.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands (Picture Click)
Match the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stands to their name (Picture Click).
The 3rd thing you need to know: Musicals
Pick the stage musicals by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.
Harry Styles-Are you no.1 fan
Can you choose the Harry Styles-Are you no.1 fan?
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: Cartoon Characters
For those of you that like to skip ahead.
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