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300 Most Published Marvel Villains
Name the 300 Most Published Marvel Villains.
Famous Faces (Badly Drawn)
Some might think this quiz is sketchy, but somehow we just felt drawn to it.
Anime Pictograms
Name the anime titles as suggested by each pictogram.
Dragon Ball Z: 7 to 1
Pick the answers that belong to each category about Dragon Ball Z.
People Mentioned in 'Hamilton'
So, apparently there is this show called Hamilton that people kind of like. Maybe you've heard of it?
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Entertainment
Who would make the best host for the Sporcle Game Show?
Looney Tunes in Real Life
A lot less cuddly in their non-cartoon form.
Batman Villains
Just once we'd like to see Batman work as mall security punishing shoplifters. Now that would be a movie.
Disney Sorting Gallery IV
The Disney empire goes beyond your old VHS collection, but you already knew that.
Disneyland Character Slideshow
Welcome to the happiest place on Earth!
Anime by Character (Slideshow)
Name the Anime by the Character(s) provided.
1960s Surnames
When you think 1960s, you probably don't think baby George Clooney. But now you will.
Musicals by Finale Ephiphany
Name the musicals by the lesson learned by one or more characters in the finale.
Superman Actors
It's a bird, It's a plane, It's that actor known as the guy who once played Superman!
Follow That Lyric: Disney Songs
Lets see just how many Disney songs we can get stuck in your head at once.
Dalton Academy Warblers Songs (Clickable)
Pick the songs sung by Glee's Dalton Academy Warblers.
Entertaining Politicians
'Then who's VICE-President? Jerry Lewis? I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady and Jack Benny is Secretary of the Treasury.'
'A' Celebrity Images
These celebrities get an 'A' in being famous.
Disney on Broadway
It's really only a matter of time before Treasure Planet makes it to Broadway.
Marvel Characters (A-Z)
It's easy to 'marvel' at the alphabet.
Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Script
Don't worry, this has nothing to do with that terrible Eddie Murphy movie.
Faces on TIME (2000s)
Take this quiz, ya know, if you have TIME.
Comic Book Characters Picture Find
Name the Comic Book Characters Picture Find.
Anime series by picture
Name the Anime series by picture.
match the kpop group with their label
match the kpop group with their label
Sorting Blitz: Golden Globe Best Actress Winners
Can you sort (i.e click in order) these Golden Globes Best Lead Actress winners in the repeated order 'Won in the 1990s', 'Won in the 2000s', 'Won in the 2010s', Won in the '2000s' without getting one wrong?
Name ALL The PLL Characters
Can you name ALL the PLL characters? Even the ones nobody notices or remembers?
Billboard Top 20s From Broadway
Pick the songs from Broadway musicals that made it into the Billboard Hot 100 top 20 (originals or covers).
Star Trek Alphabet Mine Soup
Can you spell out the starships from the Star Trek universe from the Alphabet Soup by their captains?
Naruto Name Bunker 3
Name the Naruto Name Bunker 3.
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