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Justice League or Avengers?
When are they going to get a Justice League movie together? We hope Val Kilmer is cast as an overweight Batman.
50 DC Heroes by Secret Identity
Name these DC heroes.
Adamantium Characters
Pick the Marvel Characters to use Adamantium either as part of their body or a weapon.
50 Most Handsome KPOP Idols (My Opinion)
This is Completely my Personal Opinion. NO PARTICULAR ORDER.
Plays With Puppets
Name the Plays and Musicals the feature Puppets or Marionettes.
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle 3
Name the Harry Potter Logic Puzzle 3.
How Do You Do the Time Warp?
Can you correctly pick the steps (in order) of the 'Time Warp' from the Rocky Horror Show?
Marvel Actor Pick
Pick the actors who played the title character in these Marvel TV shows and movies.
8 to 1: 1950s Pop Culture
Choose the 1950s things and people that best match each category. (Skip ahead to the next category if you're not sure.)
Corporate Logos II
Corporate branding works similarly to the livestock variety, but with less burn marks on the skin.
Where Was I Born? Male Actors 7-to-1
Can you match each famous male actor to the country where he was born?
Find the Cartoon Cats
Cat Fact: Cats sleep 70% of their lives.
Find the Cartoon Dogs
This quiz has gone to the dogs, but in a good way.
Let's Make Batman's Logo
Spoiler: It's shaped like a bat.
Silhouettes: Harry Potter Characters
Harry Potter jokes can be really Krummy.
Cartoon and Comic Characters with Glasses
NOTHING is cuter than a cartoon character wearing glasses. It's a proven fact.
Introductions in 'Hamilton'
Pardon me, are you...
Name That Anime
This might be the most anime-ated quiz on Sporcle.
Famous Redheads
Hint: Howie Mandel is not one of them.
WWE Wrestlemania Quiz
Can you pick which Wrestlemania matches the clue?
DC Picture Find: Superheroes
Can you find the superheroes of the DC universe?
Disney Sorting Gallery
We sorta like Disney. Can you blame us?
Longest-Running Broadway
The show must go on. And on. And.....on.
Disneyland Character Slideshow
Welcome to the happiest place on Earth!
Animated Character Sort
We hope one day they'll all appear in a feature film together, much like The Avengers.
Marvel Heroes By Symbol
Name the Marvel Heroes By their Symbol.
Clickable Minefield: Recurring MCU Characters
Pick the Recurring Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters that have appeared in the movies WITHOUT picking a character that has only appeared once (or not appeared at all)? (MOVIES ONLY Read How To Play).
Most Recurring MCU Characters
Pick the Most Recurring Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters? (Only the characters with 3 or more appearances are on this list).
Marvel Live-Action Films By Picture
Name the Marvel Live-Action Films By a Scene.
Rides in Disneyland
Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.
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