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Blockheads IV
Be very thickheaded in your guesses.
Fictional Four-Eyes
The eyes have it on this quiz.
Singers on 'SNL'
We're honestly shocked at how funny some of these singers are.
Disney Bunker
We wonder how deep this Disney conspiracy goes...
Finish the Vine Quote
Don't forget to subscribble
Michael Who?
Oh yeah, Michael Who. We remember him. He's the guy who founded The Who, right?
Blockheads III
It seems like wearing hats might be challenging when you have a block for a head.
Superhero Party Logic Puzzle
A bunch of superheroes and villains havin' a party? Seems pretty logical to me.
Marvel Picture Find: The Marvel Universe
If you’re looking for Waldo, forget it. There’s no room for him in the Marvel Universe.
Surprisingly, Charlie Brown doesn't make an appearance here.
Find the Fangirl: Superheroes
Pick the correct fangirl when given her favorite superhero's real name.
Marvel Picture Find: The Movies
Very nice of the Invisible Woman to make an appearance for this group photo.
Blockheads II
Who you callin' a blockhead?
Anime by Picture
Anime fans, this is your quiz.
Chris Who?
Looks like we've got a Chris crisis over here.
Rainbow Fictional Characters
You win a pot o’ gold if you can ace this.
Picture Bunker: Entertainment Edition
Can you choose the correct picture that answers each question to get to sector 15 of this entertainment bunker?
Drug or Pokémon?
This might be extra important if you store your Pokemon in a medicine cabinet.
Finish the Famous Vine
Are you cultured enough to finish the famous vine?
Find the Real Superheroes
We're thinking of writing a Doctor Sporcle comic, but we still gotta work on the costume.
Avengers or X-Men?
This quiz is Marvelous.
Hamilton's Monologue: 'The World Was Wide Enough'
The majority of Americans think Alexander Hamilton was once president. We think more Americans need to come to Sporcle to learn stuff.
Marvel Comics: 100 Tiny Heroes
Our favorite is the Minuscule Hulk.
Which Group's Greeting?
Can you match which group says which greeting?
Hero Logos
We sorta think the hardest thing about being a superhero would be having to sew a logo onto your tights.
Marvel or DC
Alright, why can't these guys just kiss and make up already.
Marvel Picture Find: Avengers
There are way more Avengers than the movies lead us to believe.
Guess the BTS song by its MV ( Kpop quiz)
Guess the BTS song by its MV ( Kpop quiz)
Click the Hero Logos
Consider yourself a hero if you ace this quiz.
'Hamilton' Songs
This quiz is almost like having tickets to the show! Almost.
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