Entertainment Quizzes

3-D Famous Names
No special glasses needed.
Younger or Older Than Betty White?
Happy 95th Birthday Betty White!
Famous 'Wa' People by Picture
Just because their names start with 'Wa' doesn't mean that they go around crying all the time.
'N' Cartoon Characters by Picture
You won't have any trouble finding these characters.
Celebrity Couples 2016
RIP Brangelina 2004-2016
Cartoons by Russian Doll
These are great. Would love to see a Boris and Natasha set.
Animals by Pop Culture Reference
Even animals like to keep up on the latest pop culture.
Who's That With Stevie Wonder?
Even if you aren't superstitious, you might as well play this quiz.
Pixelated Superhero Logos
This is what it looks like when the commissioner doesn't have an HD distress signal.
Badly Drawn Company Logos
No matter how badly drawn, you just still seem to know them.
Cartoon Character Blitz
You'll have to be quick to catch these characters.
Find the Famous Fictional Birds
Fortunately no birds are giving the bird.
Celebrity Doppelgängers in History II
Some of these look too close to be a coincidence.
Follow That Lyric: Hamilton
There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait.
Find the Fictional Vehicles
The real question is which of these would win in a race?
What's Homer Simpson Talking About?
Certainly an oft asked question.
Who's That With a Pig?
Pig Fact: Piglets weigh about 2.5 pounds at birth and double their weight in one week.
Fictional Characters by Snow Globe II
It must be rough watching spring come while trapped in a fake winter wonderland.
Marvel Picture Find: Villains
Sporclers, assemble!
In Memoriam 2016 (Picture Click)
An awful lot of famous folks who passed in 2016.
Actors in Songs?
Don't worry, this isn't in a quiz about Lindsay Lohan's music career.
Broadway Lyrics for Every Letter - 'Grease'
A quiz about Grease? Tell me more, tell me more.
Blockheads III
It seems like wearing hats might be challenging when you have a block for a head.
Same Named Celebrities by Picture V
Some of these celebs might be long lost cousins. Others definitely are not.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Entertainment
Think you know your Entertainment subcategories? Prove it.
Wiki Entertainment Picture Click
They say don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia. But these are pictures so don't worry about it.
A Truly 'Smashing' Quiz
Get smashed and then take this quiz.
Mixed Hero Logos
If you mix enough heroes together, there will be no bad guy who can best them.
Musicals 7-to-1
Just like singing from 1 to 7, right?
Sporcle in Many Fonts
This is how you write Sporcle in Wingdings: 💧︎◻︎□︎❒︎♍︎●︎♏︎
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