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Trivia on all of the Shadowhunter books by Cassandra Clare. SPOILERS

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What is the real name of Valentine's first son?
Who is the High Warlock of Los Angeles?
What was Tessa's mother really?
Who invented the Sensor?
Who used to be Luke's parabatai?
What did Tessa and Will name their son?
What is Talto another name for?
True or false- Charlotte became the first female Consul?
Who was Michael Wayland in love with?
What was Agramon the demon of?
What was the name of Maia's brother?
Warlocks incapable of performing magic are called what?
What last name does Jace choose?
How long had Will and Jem known each other before Tessa?
What were Mrs. Dark and Mrs. Black referred to as?
What initials were on the box Jocelyn kept in her room?
Who killed Camille?
How often are the Accords signed?
What disease did Benedict Lightwood have?
What was the drug called that Jem was addicted to?
Which angel did the sword Glorious belong to?
What is the name of Julian's sister (Tiberius's twin)?

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