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Black scientist who found 300 uses for the peanut
Indiana congressman in mid-1840s; freesoil party founder
Politician who wrote a letter regarding poor conditions in Congo Free State
Advisor to Kamehameha I
Musician and musical producer in 1970s
Thomas Jefferson's grandson and sole heir
One of the first black people in higher education; at Oberlin and Howard Universities in late 1800s
Actor best known for playing Bobby in the Broadway musical Memphis
Former Atlanta mayor, US representative to the UN, and SCLC leader
Large contributor to the growth of Austin, Texas
Leader in Connecticut industry
Nineteen year old mayor of Muskogee, Oklahoma
Architect of Wrigley Field and other major Chicago buildings
Miami man who kidnapped and murdered a 5 year old boy in 1938
Father of Virginian senator A. Willis [last name] and grandfather of Marion Gordon 'Pat' [last name]
Gilded Age philanthropist sometimes known as Diamond Jim
Gilded Age robber baron in the tobacco industry
Engineer and architect holding over 50 US patents and most well known for a bridge over the Mississippi in St. Louis
Major General in the US army dubbed the 'Rock of the Marne'
Young death row inmate in Texas
Early 1900s Canadian politician who served as Premier of Saskatchewan and Minister of Agriculture
Blues singer also known as Howlin' Wolf
Founder, publisher, and editor of Kansas City Call
Phenomenal but perenially drunk Hall of Fame pitcher for Phillies, Cubs and Cardinals in 1910s and 1920s
Early aviator who dodged the World War One draft by going to Germany
US consul-general at London from 1897 to 1902
Singer-songwriter and folk musician best known for 'This Land is Your Land'
New Orleans novelist best known for 'A Confederacy of Dunces'

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