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Can you name the Players (and Manager, Fan, and Place) in Ogden Nash's Poem Line-up For Yesterday (An ABC of Baseball?

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AA is for _____, the great _____; more goose eggs he pitched, than a popular gander
BB is for _____, back of the plate; the Cubs were his love, and McGraw was his hate
CC is for _____, who grew spikes and not corn, and made all the basemen, wish they weren't born
DD is for _____, the grammatical _____, when they asked, Who's the tops?, said correctly, I is
EE is for _____, his jaw in advance; never afraid, to tinker with chance
FF is for Fordham, and _____ and _____, I wish he were back, with the Giants, I wish
GG is for _____, the Pride of the Stadium, his record pure gold, his courage, pure radium
HH is for _____; when pitching to _____, the pitcher would pitch, then the pitcher would dodge
II is for _____, not a hard-sitting man, but an outstanding all-time, incurable fan
JJ is for _____, the Big Train in his prime, was so fast he could throw, three strikes at a time
KK is for _____, as fresh as green paint, the fustest and mostest, to hit where they ain't
LL is _____, whom Clevelanders love, _____ himself, with glue in his glove
MM is for _____, who carried a charm, in the form of an extra, brain in his arm
NN is for _____, _____ favorite kin. If you ask him how he's here, he talked himself in
OO is for _____, of the restless right foot, when he leaned on the pellet, the pellet stayed put
PP is for _____, the arm of the A's, when he tangled with Matty; it lasted for days
QQ is Don Quixote, _____ _____; neither Yankees nor years, can halt his attack
RR is for _____. To tell you the truth, there's nothing more to be said, just R is for _____
SS is for _____, swift center-field tender; when the ball saw him coming, it yelled, 'I surrender'
TT is for _____, the giant from Memphis, whose 400 average, you can't overemphis
UU would be _____, if _____ were a cockney, we say _____ and baseball, like football and Rockne
VV is for _____, the Dodgers' own _____, none of his rivals, could throw as fast as he
WW, _____, the bowlegged beauty, short was closed for all traffic, with _____ on duty
XX of the first, of two x's in _____, who was right behind Ruth, with his powerful soxx
YY is for _____, the magnificent _____, people batted against him, but I never knew why
ZZ is for _____, the summit of fame. These men are up there, these men are the game

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