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Can you name the Important M*A*S*H* Numbers?

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Forced Order
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What the number representsThe number
What is the Unit Number?
What year did the series start?
What year did the series end?
How many beds were in the Swamp?
How many Kim Lucks were treated in one day that Hawkeye hoped would be a long standing record?
How many of the regular cast members were in the first and last episode?
What is the number of the rival M*A*S*H* unit?
How many pounds of ribs did Hawkeye order from Adam's Ribs?
What was the unit's percentage success rate?
Including the final, how many episodes were filmed?
What the number representsThe number
How much money (in whole dollars only) did Winchester win from Col. Baldwin playing cribbage?
How many times was Henry court martialed?
In answer to Frank's question, how many minutes later would have independence taken place if '...the Minutemen, on their way to Concord had stopped to worry about toilet paper'?
After 3 weeks with no wounded, the midnight movie was shown at what hour in the morning?
How many of the regular cast were married during the show's run?
How old was Colonel Potter when he joined the army?
How many hours was Klinger to wear a rubber sweat suit in a heat wave before Colonel Potter would give him a section 8 discharge?
By number, what month did Colonel Potter arrive?
How old was Radar's father when he (Radar) was born?
How many people did Hawkeye's longjohns pass through until he got them back?

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