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Can you name the films (original or remake) in which the following actors have played the same or equivalent roles?

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Frank Sinatra / George Clooney
Angela Lansbury / Meryl Streep
Ugo Tognazzi / Robin Williams
Edna Best / Doris Day
Kevin McCarthy / Donald Sutherland
Takashi Shimura / Yul Brynner
Audrey Hepburn / Julia Ormond
Al Jolson / Neil Diamond
Anne Parillaud / Bridget Fonda
David Niven / Steve Coogan
Fay Wray / Naomi Watts
Alec Guinness / Tom Hanks
Faye Dunaway / Rene Russo
Joan Crawford / Eva Mendes
Divine / John Travolta
Jean-Paul Belmondo / Richard Gere
Glen Campbell / Matt Damon
Janet Leigh / Anne Heche
Edward Woodward / Nicolas Cage
Kim Hunter / Helena Bonham Carter
Lionel Atwill / Vincent Price
Julie Harris / Lili Taylor
Jerry Lewis / Eddie Murphy
Lina Leandersson / Chloë Grace Moretz
Zero Mostel / Nathan Lane
Margot Kidder / Crystal Lowe
Robert Donat / Kenneth More
Allison Hayes / Daryl Hannah
Edmund Gwenn / Richard Attenborough
Judy Garland / Barbra Streisand
James Stewart / Tom Hanks
Hayley Mills / Lindsay Lohan
Paul Muni / Al Pacino
Peter Cook / Elizabeth Hurley
Gregory Peck / Liev Schreiber
Noriyuki (Pat) Morita / Jackie Chan
Tony Leung / Leonardo DiCaprio
Mae Clarke / Vivien Leigh
Spencer Tracy / Steve Martin
Toshiro Mifune / Clint Eastwood
Noël Coward / Donald Sutherland
Simone Signoret / Sharon Stone
Michael Caine / Sylvester Stallone
Steve McQueen / Alec Baldwin
Zita Johann / Rachel Weisz
Max Schreck / Klaus Kinski
David (Al) Hedison / Jeff Goldblum
Laurence Olivier / Michael Caine
Judy Holliday / Melanie Griffith
Robert Mitchum / Robert De Niro

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