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Sub-saharan AfricaLarge eyes, long digits; Terrestrial, burrower, or arboreal ecomorphs; axillary amplexus; firmisternal pelvic girdle
Nicaragua to SE BrazilDermal scutes, often brightly colored; terrestrial ecomorph; cephalic amplexus; convergently firmisternal; egg guarding and tadpole transport common, dietarily derived toxins
Africa, Madagascar, SeychellesBrightly colored with gular pads; terrestrial or arboreal ecomorphs; axillary amplexus; firmisternal pelvic girdle
Sub-Saharan AfricaStreamlined bodies with strong back legs; terrestrial ecomorph; axillary amplexus; firmisternal pelvic girdle; can leap 3m in length and 1m in height
Native to every continent except Antarctica and Australian regionEnlarged paratoid glands, warty skin; terrestrial ecomorphs; mostly axillary with some inguinal amplexus; arciferal or pseudofirmisternal pelvic girdle; produce many different toxins
AustraliaTerrestrial burrowing, aquatic, or fossorial ecomorphs; Inguinal amplexus; arciferal pelvic girdle; true mouth brooding genera
Most diverse in Asia, 1 gen in AfricaLarge toe tips with extensive webbing; arboreal ecomorph; axillary amplexus; firmisternal pelvic girdle; some frogs 'fly' using toe webbing
S Mexico to Bolivia/Argentina, SE BrazilTranslucent skin, humeral spines, expanded toe pads; arboreal ecomorph; axillary amplexus; arciferal pelvic girdle
SeychellesBlobby and grey, direct development, terrestrial ecomorph, inguinal amplexus, arciferal pelvic girdle
Australia & Papua New Guinea, Mexico to South America, Americas and EurasiaEnlarged toe pads and forward directed eyes; arboreal ecomorph; axillary amplexus; arciferal pelvic girdle; 1 sp the only frog with true teeth on lower jaw
South AmericaWide gape; axillary amplexus; terrestrial ecomorph; arciferal pelvic girdle; carnivorous tadpoles
West Indies, S USA, South AmericaPointy snout, no webbing between toes; terrestrial or riparian ecomorph; inguinal amplexus; arciferal pelvic girdle; egg guarding common, some ovovivipartity
Cosmopolitan except S South America and most of AustraliaRanid body shape; amphibious ecomorph; axillary amplexus; firmisternal pelvic girdle
Chile to Argentina (limited distribution)Distinctly long, pointed nose; terrestrial ecomorph; axillary amplexus; pseudofirmisternal pelvic girdle; brood young in gular sacs
MadagascarDiverse morphology; terrestrial with some arboreal, aquatic, or semi-fossorial ecomorphs; modified cephalic amplexus; firmisternal pelvic girdle; highly convergent with Dendrobatids
Neotropical, S USARanid body shape; semi-aquatic or terrestrial ecomorphs; axillary amplexus; arciferal pelvic girdle; larger sp can eat vertebrate prey
Cosmopolitan except EuropeTear-shaped bodies, very narrow mouths; mostly fossorial or terrestrial burrowers, but some arboreal ecomorphs; axillary or glued amplexus; firmisternal pelvic girdle; some symbionts with tarantulas, only family to exhibit froglet transport

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