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Can you name the Newbery Awards 1922-1968?

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YearMedal WinnerAuthor
1922 Hendrik Willem van Loon
1923Hugh Lofting
1924Charles Hawes
1925Charles Finger
1926Arthur Bowie Chrisman
1927Will James
1928Dhan Gopal Mukerji
1929Eric P. Kelly
1930Rachel Field
1931Elizabeth Coatsworth
1932Laura Adams Armer
1933Elizabeth Lewis
1934Cornelia Meigs
1935Monica Shannon
1936Carol Ryrie Brink
1937Ruth Sawyer
1938Kate Seredy
1939Elizabeth Enright
1940James Daugherty
1941Armstrong Sperry
1942Walter Edmonds
1943Elizabeth Janet Gray
1944Esther Forbes
1945Robert Lawson
YearMedal WinnerAuthor
1946Lois Lenski
1947Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
1948William Pène du Bois
1949Marguerite Henry
1950Marguerite de Angeli
1951Elizabeth Yates
1952Eleanor Estes
1953Ann Nolan Clark
1954Joseph Krumgold
1955Meindert DeJong
1956Jean Lee Latham
1957Virginia Sorensen
1958Harold Keith
1959Elizabeth George Speare
1960Joseph Krumgold
1961Scott O'Dell
1962Elizabeth George Speare
1963Madeleine L'Engle
1964Emily Neville
1965Maia Wojciechowska
1966Elizabeth Borton de Trevino
1967Irene Hunt
1968E. L. Konigsburg

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