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Moved out of the city and established a community at Qumran in the desert beside the Dead Sea
held many of the positions in the Sanhedrin
only the Torah was scripture
Poor famers
Intermingled/married with other exiles: mixed population
strict and legalistic
Single-minded and ready to use whatever means to bring along victory
Believed the Temple under the Sadducees had become corrupt
powerful but disliked
Religious Judeans
Saw themselves as righteous as pure
Intensely anti-Roman
highly ceremonial
Jews saw them as heretics
Rejected all of the Pharisees’ traditional interpretations of an additions to the Law
Sought to restore Israel to glory
Many believe that John the Baptist was one
Poorer population not deported by the Assyrians
Only the Torah was canonical scripture
refused to assosciate with Gentiles
Dominant members of the Sanhedrin
had a vast amount of rules, rituals and customs that could be burdensome
Cooperated with the Gentiles
worshipped the God of Israel but in a different way
Lived between Judea and Galilee
Did not believe in life after death (no resurrection)
Political party

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