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Generic NameBrand NameClass
Chlorpheniramine and HydrocodoneAntitussive/ Narcotic/ Antihistamine
Moxifloxacin HClFluroquinolone
Metronidazole (oral)Antiprotozoal/ Treats Parasitic Infections
BenzonatateAntitussive/ Anesthetic
IpratropiumAntiCOPD/ Anticholinergic
Fluticasone Propionate (nasal)Corticosteriod
Sulfamethoxazole and TrimethoprimSulfonamide
Azelastine HClAntihistamine
GlyburideSulfonylurea Agent/ Type II DM
BudesonideAntiasthmatic/ Corticosteriod
Sitagliptin PhosphateDPP IV Inhibitor
Glyburide and Metformin HydrochlorideSulfonylurea w/ Biguanide
ExenatideIncretin Agonist
Codeine Phosphate and GuaifenesinAntitussive/ Narcotic/ Expectorant
Hydroxyzine PamoateAntihistamine
Montelukast SodiumLeukotriene Receptor Antagonist
Penicillin V PotassiumBeta Lactam/ Penicillin
Metformin HClBiguanide/ Type II DM
Hydroxychloroquine SulfateAnti-Malarial
Minocycline HClTetracycline
Insulin AspartShort Acting
Amoxicillin Trihydrate and Clavulanate PotassiumBeta Lactam/ Penicillin
Doxycycline HyclateTetracycline
Ipratropium Bromide and Albuterol SulfateAnticholinergic w/ SABA
Generic NameBrand NameClass
Promethazine HCl and Codeine PhosphateAntitussive/ Narcotic/ Antihistamine
CefdinirBeta Lactam/ Cephalosporin
GlipizideSulfonylurea Agent/ Type II DM
Fluticasone PropionateAntiasthmatic/ Corticocosteriod
Insulin LisproShort Acting
TheophyllinePhosphodiesterase Inhibitor/ Bronchodilator
Clindamycin HClLincosamide
Insulin Glargine Long Acting Insulin
Budesonide and FormoterolAntiasthmatic/ Corticosteriod w/LABA
Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol XinafoateAntiasthmatic/ Corticosteriod w/ LABA
CephalexinBeta Lactam/ Cephalosporin
Mometasone Furoate MonohydrateCorticosteriod
Azithromycin DihydrateMacrolide/ Erythromycin
Amoxicillin TrihydrateBeta Lactam/ Penicillin
Pioglitazone HydrochlorideThiazolidinedione
Hydroxyzine HClH1 antagonist
Levocetirizine DihydrochlorideH1 antagonist
Levalbuterol HydrochlorideAntiasthmatic/ SABA
GlimepirideSulfonylurea Agent/ Type II DM
Albuterol SulfateAntiasthmatic/ SABA
Tiotropium BromideAntiCOPD/ Anticholinergic
Insulin DetemirLong Acting
Ciprofloxacin HClFluroquinolone

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