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I never did a thing to you and now I'm begging back for you.
Sweet dreams that wont come true I'd leave it all for you.
Don't mind me I'm just reaching for your necklace.
Every nights like the first night never getting old
Bring your friend along baby we can have some fun .
The look in your eyes says things I don't wanna know.
You're being loud without a sound.
It's the low before the high.
You should know things aren't always what they seem.
We're gonna die like this you know.
We can make it out of here we can't get caught together dear.
I just can't decide what I'm running from.
And I don't even know what kinda fool you're taking me for.
This time I'll try not to show that I'm not letting go.
No i can't believe how little all this means to me.
I had swore to myself that I'm content with loneliness.
I try to call your house can't reach you on the phone.
Walk late and sleep until the sunsets I'd talk but you took the tongue I talk with.
Next time around think about what you say before you run your mouth.
You better love what you got before you go and give it away.

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