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LyricsSong title
Honestly this will never be and don't blame yourself oh honestly.
When I come down I can't replace the feeling.
If you only knew how much you made me feel alive...
I'll make it somehow I'm not sure just how that may be I'll fake it till I find the cure.
Lets recap and get caught up no one said enough's enough I let go of the better part of me.
I'll tell you what you want to hear if it will make you smile.
All the skeptics can place their bets it doesn't mean we're done.
LyricsSong title
When the fire burns out and its only me and you simmering lights outside they reflect your eyes as you say I love you too.
Don't wait for tomorrow 'cause our time is right now so lets keep this moving.
You're falling in love and it's not enough and you know that your hearts gonna break.
And I never thought that you'd leave me here all on my home and I never thought you'd be willing to take away my home.
Lost a step and I'm falling into you, you know exactly what you do.
I know it's easier to go just to go with the flow.

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