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Hint'A' AnswersExtra Information
Fleur Delacour's mother-
Death Eater who murdered the Prewett brothers-
Killing Curse-
Seeker for Irish National Quidditch team during 1994 World Cup (the one played in Book 4)-
Eloise Midgen's skin problem-
Ravenclaw prefect in Harry's yearMade prefect in Book 5-
Obstacle that causes Fred and George Weasley to grow beards in Book 4-
Younger sister of the Hogwarts headmaster-
Gryffindor Quidditch captainBook 5
The Dursleys' squib neighbor-
Lowest passing grade for O.W.L.S.Full word, not abbreviation
'Father of magical theory' who wrote the text book 'Magical Theory'-
Unlocking spell-
Peverell brother who owned the wand-
This spider is an-
Impersonated with polyjuice potion by Bartemius Crouch Jr-
Chaser on Slytherin's Quidditch team-
Chocolate Frog card Ron's missing in Book 1; also a purple substance used for potion making-
Neville Longbottom's mother-
Father of seven-
Transportation method for wizards of age-
Younger brother of the Hogwarts headmaster-
Person who can turn into a certain animal-
Hint'A' AnswersExtra Information
Hogwarts headmaster during Tom Riddle's time at the school-
Muggle Studies teacher in Book 7; also a Death Eater-
Hogwarts headmaster-
Class taught by Professor Sinistra-
Plant with magical properties; sometimes known as monkshood or wolfsbane-
Hufflepuff girl in Harry's yearLast name
Wizard prison-
Sucker-like candy that burns holes through the eater's tongue-
Spell Horace Slughorn uses to stop Marcus Belby's choking on food-
Class taught by Professor Vector-
Mother of Nymphadora Tonks-
Judge for Harry's hearing in Book 5-
Charm that creates a jet of water from the caster's wand-
Hogwarts elective taught by Bathsheda Babbling-
Hagrid's pet spider-
Name of Harry's second childFull name
Sirius Black's uncle, who is also burned off of the family tree-
Wizard law enforcement job-
Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Book 7-
Gryffindor Quidditch chaser-
Draco Malfoy's grandfather-
Owner of Mrs. Norris-

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