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Forced Order
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Crowned black stag rampant on a gold background''Ours is the Fury''
Red three-headed dragon on a black background''Fire and Blood''
Red Flayed man, hanging upside down on a white x-shaped cross on a black background''Our blades are sharp''
White sunburst on black background''The sun of winter''
Black bear in a green Wood''Here we stand''
Grey direwolf on a white background''Winter is coming''
Black Mockingbird on a background-
Two grey towers and bridge of the twins, surmounting an escutcheon of water-
Silver traut naiant on a red and blue background''Family, Duty, Honer''
White falcon volant and cresent moon on a blue background''As High as Honer''
Golden lion rampant on a red background''Hear me Roar''
Three black dogs on a yellow background-
Golden Rose on a green background''Growing strong''
Yellow suns on pink quartered with white crescents on blue background-
Golden kraken on a black background''We do not sow''

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