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DescriptionCharacter or ActorDeath
Greek Blond Hero, Fighting for the Agamemnon with his own special force
Troyan Prince, The Oldest Brother
Greek King, brother of Menelaus
Troyan Prince, Youngest brother
Love of Paris, Ex-Wife of Menelaus
Nephew of Achilles
Cousin of Hector, Love of Achilles
Big Ginger haired guy, The brother of Agamemnon and Husband of Helen
Old friend of Achilles, leader of a greek army
DescriptionCharacter or ActorDeath
Verry Old King of Troy, he has two sons
Old White haired man, adviser of Agamemnon
Huge Man, fighting with a enormaus Hammer on the Greek side
Big white haired man, Great fighter on the Troyan side
Beautifull wife of Hector
Old Man, who's land and people were taken by Agamemnon in a battle between Achilles and Boagrius
Loyal Servent of Achilles, Serving Achilles is his life
Huge man, Fighting for Triopas, battles against Achilles
Mother of Achilles

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