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Scary Movie 1
- film's central - 
the teens' accidental murder of an innocent man 
While smoking marijuana, Shorty quips 'I see dead people,' 
The final scene, in which Doofy stops feigning his disability and drives away with Gail 
In a chase scene, the film shifts its point of view to that of a hand-held camera with the characters speaking directly to the audience 
The line 'We all go a little crazy sometimes' 
Cindy becomes aggressive and roars 'Say my name!' during sex with Bobby 
The killer says the words 'Red Rum,' 
The fight between Cindy and the killer 
Scary Movie 2
opening scene 
McFeely tries to bless the house and ends up with flies all over him 
The Clown that hides under rays bed 
A scene where a basketball falls down the stairs 
The equipment which the group employs to fight an invisible enemy 
The house where all the creapy things happen 
- film's central - 
The equipment which they use to see the ghosts with glasses and weapons 
The labyrinthian basement, weapons with limited ammo, and Professor Oldman being lured to his death 
In the scene in which Hanson removes the top of Shorty's head and he then said 'Hello Cindy' 
Cindy, Brenda and Theo fighting Hanson in the style of  
When Cindy is fighting Hanson and creates the tornado, which has various objects and even a cow blowing around inside it. 
Scary Movie 3
- film's central - 
the farmfields when they discover a crop circle 
The rap-battle scene 
The Oracle, and her husband Orpheus 
The scene with the president and the Bodyguard 
The scene with the Chainsaw swinging above the girls head 
Scary Movie 4
- film's central - 
Brenda and Cindy end up in a village where they still live without any electronics 
the little chinees boy ghost who hounts cindy 
the attack on the earth 
Cindy's boxing match against a female Mike Tyson. 
CJ and Mahalik‚Äôs flirting inside the tent 
Cindy unmasks 'the creatures', discovering Old Lady Henderson and Pig Face Joe 
Cindy's brief first marriage. 

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