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Can you fill in the missing words in these facts for each letter in 'GERMANY'?

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Invented by a German of the same name, the detector in a ______ counter allows for measurement of radiation.G
_____ means food in German, but it also is a part of the Ruhr metropolitan area and is heavily industrialized.E
Born in Prussia in 1845, Wilhelm _______ was instrumental in the discovery and use of x-rays.R
The third largest city in Germany, ______ is located in Bavaria and is a major industrial center.M
As the first Chancellor of West Germany, Konrad ________ was crucial to the Denazification and Westernization of this part of the country.A
After the end of WWII, high ranking Nazi officials were famously tried at _________.N
Despite being in their alphabet, hardly any words in the language begin with 'Y', only loanwords like the boat, _____, from Dutch.Y

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