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Born in Portugal, Cristiano _______ is widely considered to be one of the best footballers of the modern era.Ronaldo
Portugal held on to its colonial possessions for a long time, but in 1973 a worldwide ___ crisis put more pressure on Portugal and started the Carnation Revolution.Oil
As the second most populous city in Portugal, _____ is a center of Portuguese culture and heritage and is famous for its winemaking.Porto
Portugal had one of the biggest and longest lasting global empires the world has ever seen, including Brazil in South America and ______ and Mozambique in Africa.Angola
The Romans called the land to become Portugal _________, which was also the name of a famous ship that got sunk during WWI.Lusitania
The _____ _____ flows through Lisbon, and is heavily utilized by both industry and agriculture, with many dams being built on it.Tagus River
Unlike the USA, but like most of Europe, Portugal is a _______ state, as opposed to a Federation of multiple states.Unitary
António _______, who was formerly prime minister of Portugal, has been Secretary-General of the UN since 2017.Guterres

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