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Although sometimes called _______, that is really only a region and should not be used to refer to the entire country.Holland
Although most government buildings are in the Hague, the capital in the Constitution is _________.Amsterdam
As a founding member of the EU and ____, the Netherlands is economically and militarily very close to other Western democracies.NATO
As a part of Benelux, the Netherlands is very close with the other Low Countries of Belgium and __________.Luxembourg
Home to Germanic languages very similar to English, these include both _____ and Frisian.Dutch
As the largest port in all of Europe, _________ is a major economic center in the Netherlands.Rotterdam
Home to many famous artists, this includes M. C. ______, a graphic artist mentioned in Weird Al's 'White & Nerdy.'Escher
As a colonial power, the Netherlands held territory in South America, the Caribbean, and Asia, where they established Anping on the island of ______.Taiwan
Out of the five largest cities in the Netherlands, _________ is the only one not in the Randstad megalopolis.Eindhoven
A wafer consisting of two thin layers with a syrup filling, the ___________ is one of the most popular dishes in the Netherlands.Stroopwafel
The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, with King Willem-Alexander currently reigning as part of the house that merged the names of Orange and ______.Nassau

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