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Force, or mass, per unit area of a column of air
Atmospheric layer closest to the earth's surface
Atmosphere's second layer
Where much of the atmosphere's small amount of ozone is located
Presence of chemicals in the atmosphere in concentrations high enough to harm organisms, ecosystems, or human-made materials
Chemicals or substances emitted directly into the air from natural processes and human activities
When primary pollutants react with one another and with other natural components of air to form new harmful chemicals
Colorless, odorless, and highly toxic gas that forms during the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing materials
Colorless, odorless gas, where about 93% of it in the atmosphere is the result of the natural carbon cycle
Colorless gas that forms when nitrogen and oxygen gas react under high-combustion temperatures
When Nitric Oxide reacts with oxygen in the air it forms this
When some of nitrogen oxide reacts with water vapor in the air it forms this
Greenhouse gas that is emitted from fertilizers and animal wastes and is produced by the burning of fossil fuels
Colorless gas with an irritating odor
When sulfur dioxide is converted to aerosols and that consists of microscopic suspended droplets of this acid
Consists of a variety of solid particles and liquid droplets that are small and light enough to remain suspended in the air for long periods
Colorless and higly reactive gas, which is a major ingredient of photochemical smog
Organic compounds that exist as gases in the atmosphere or that evaporate from sources on earth into the atmosphere
Greenhouse gas that is 20 times more effective per molecule than CO2 is at warming the atmosphere through the greenhouse effect
An unhealthy mix of sulfur dioxide, suspended droplets of sulfuric acid, and a variety of suspended solid particles
When a layer of warm air can temporarily lie atop a layer of cooler air nearer the ground this is created
When dry and wet desposition mix together, this is also called acid rain

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