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Forced Order
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Uncut or regenerated forest that has not been seriously disturbed by human acitivites or natural disasters for several hundred years
Stand of trees resulting from secondary ecological succession
Managed forest containing only one or two species of trees that are all the same age
Temporary or permanent removal of large expanses of forest for agriculture, settlements, or other uses
Unfenced grasslands in temperate and tropical climates that supply vegetation for grazing and browsing animals
Managed grasslands or fenced meadows usually planted with domesticated grasses or other forage crops
When too many animals graze for too long, damaging the grasses and their roots, and exceeding the carrying capacity of a rangeland area
Areas especially rich in plant species that are found nowhere else and are in great danger of extinction
Focues on inventing, establishing, and maintaining new habitats to conserve species diversity in places where people live, work, and play

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