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Can you name the Can you get all these right about Entourage??

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What's Ari's last name?
What is Ari's daughter's name?
What is Turtle's name in real life?
What big piece of information did Sloan tell Eric at the end of the series?
Where is Sloan moving to?
What year did the first episode air?
Who plays the other monkey in Johnny's Bananas?
Who set their house on fire?
What is Turtles dog's name?
Who is Kevin Dillon?
What kind of dog does turtle have?
What is the name of the theme song?
Who created Entourage?
Who is Vince's manager?
What is Ari's wife's name?
When did they finally call her by her real name?
What's Ari's Son's name?
How many episodes did they make?
Who's name comes first in the opening theme?
What sports hat is Turtle wearing in the opening theme?

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