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Can you identify all 44 short, vowelly-diverse English words? (read note)

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[1] Drunken cry of Bacchic frenzy
[2] French goodbye
[3] Broadcasted sound
[4] Ancient Roman gold coins; anagram of [9]
[5] Swampy body of water; word contains another body-of-water word
[6] Short for 'lieutenant'; also a boy's name
[7] Cat noise (British variant)
[8] Melancholy, bleak, cold
[9] Figures of sacred snakes; anagram of [4]
[10] Informal plural of 'you'
[11] Mythical Australian ape-creature
[12] Keenness (such as of vision)
[13] Copper mineral found in Ajo, AZ, USA
[14] Lack of social norms leading to disorder
[15] ___ can lose weight with this simple trick! This is the most common word on this list.
[16] Stimulate, awaken; could happen to [43]
[17] A shiny silicate mineral whose name means 'brightness' in Greek
[18] Plural of [5]
[19]This is only skin deep
[20] Kept afloat
[21] You should ____ get this word because it's the second-most common word on this list!
[22] Caused by the wind
[23] Fairness or monetary value; can be typed on top row of keyboard
[24] Speech praising someone who has died
[25] 'Seculorum Amen', longest only-vowel word
[26] Merriment, not necessarily homosexual
[27] Prevents balls from entering goal
[28] Is a country, also can precede 'pig'
[29] Plan, sketch, arrangement
[30] Nearsightedness
[31] Allowed, approved; past-tense of two-letter word (sort of)
[32] Not transparent
[33] ____ for the masses, also found in delicious poppy seed muffins
[34] Happens to the power during a storm
[35] Expenditure; a 'reversal' of [29]
[36] Financial return from an investment; rhymes with [29]
[37] Nauseous
[38] Spelling variant of [37]
[39] Synonym of [37], same last 4 letters
[40] Symptom of kidney failure
[41] Imaginary, perfect world
[42] Long journey, e.g. the journey of the furthest-travelled manmade object ever
[43] Creepy stalker who watches naked people
[44] Free English farmer of the 1600s

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