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Ψ Food used to entice fish Ψ
Fine by the court
Ψ Found on a mast Ψ
Refer to what someone mentioned
Ψ Granular substance at the beach Ψ
Music group
Legally prohibit
Ψ Freshwater fish Ψ
Found on three points of a diamond
Expose to view
Hockey star Pavel
Ψ Artificial metal decoy Ψ
Knowledge passed down
Center of a fruit
Feeling concern
Ψ Feeder Fish or to Nag Ψ
Triangular musical instrument
Ψ Large-headed elongated food fish Ψ
Ψ Boat output Ψ
Merchants items
To have had on
Ψ Burrowing invertebrate Ψ
College housing
Associated with Gloom
Portion of a house
Freely go about
Ψ Mass of bubbles Ψ
To shape or mold
Tone in shape
Discharge a gun command
To employ
Ψ Walk through woods Ψ
Ψ Long snout fish or a pole Ψ
Ψ Used with a reel Ψ
Ashen in color
Best friends
Animal feet
Ψ 1975 Horror film Ψ
Pack tightly
Scottish woolen caps
Variety of brown colors
Large wine cask
Ψ Sorry Charlie! Ψ
Melody or radio change
Goal of weight-lifters
Sharpen a blade
Car horn output
Ψ Captain after Pan Ψ
Person that prepares food
Hen's haven
Cut into small pieces
Ψ Merchant's store Ψ

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