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Can you name the words associated with Christmas from A to Z?

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Christmas HintChristmas AnswerStarts With
♫ ________ we have heard on high ♫[A]
♫ Jingle ________ ♫[B]
What you get if you're bad[C]
Holiday month[D]
Santa's helpers[E]
'The' Snowman[F]
Whoville's antithesis[G]
♫ Have a ________ Jolly Christmas... ♫[H]
Frozen water[I]
Santa's demeanor[J]
The three that had gifts[K]
Put on the house or tree[L]
If you see it you must kiss me[M]
Russian ballet[N]
Decoration for the tree[O]
Christmas plant[P]
Keeps you snug in bed[Q]
Bright red-nosed deer[R]
__________ Claus[S]
Artificial or Real option[T]
What we do to gifts[U]
One of the reindeer[V]
Decoration for a door or window[W]
December 25th abbreviated [X]
Log burned on the eve[Y]
What you hope the kiddies are catching[Z]

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