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Prometheus' brother
Cicero defends him against Sulpicius and Cato
Greek writer who tells of his time as a mercenary in Persia
Considered himself the thirteeth apostle
The last pagan Emperor of Rome
Diocletian's Caesar in the East
Diocletian's capital in the East
Odysseus' son
Greek logographer famous for his simple speeches
Last son of Pompey the Great left alive
Plutarch paired his life with Cicero's
A Greek mercenary general who beat the Romans in Italy, but suffered such heavy losses he was forced to withdraw himself
Greek Hero at Troy who fought Aeneas and was in the Trojan horse
Aeneas' son founded this city
Legendary founder of Thebes
Syracusan tyrant
Historian of the Later Roman Empire
Whose rape triggered the revolution that ended with the foundation of the Roman Republic
Greek god representing heaven
Character who debates the merits of rhetoric with Socrates in Plato's work, his name is also the name of the book

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