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Can you name the nation states of the 18th century

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territory Peter the Great gained in the Great Northern War
Louis XIV's claim to the Spanish throne resulted in this
'divine right' kings are only judged by
Puritan dictator of England in the 1640s and 1650s
rulers of England after the Glorious Revolution
__________ Sanction
ruler who said 'I am the state'
Dutch provinces revolted against this country
the measure of wealth in mercantilism
ended War of Spanish Succession: Treaty of __________
THE statesman: Cardinal ___________
rivals during era of colonization: England, Spain, and __________
country that seized Silesia from Austria
Enlightened monarch of Austria
most important West Indian crop
sugar was the cause of ________
regicide victim in England
England fought _________ in War of Jenkin's Ear
Catherine the Great won the ________ sea from the Turks
French and Indian War led to the _____________ _______________
William of Orange's title
German province that the new English dynasty came from
Russia, Prussia, and Austria divided___________
____________ veto
_______________ of Prague
France vs. _________ Alliance
Solemn ___________ and Covenant
land grant between the English and the Spanish
minister of finance to Louis XIV
economic downfall in France: ____________ Bubble

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