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When was Ariana born?
What color is her natural hair?
Who is she currently dating (in 2015)
What is her brothers name?
What is her dads name?
What is her moms name?
Name of 1st dog
Name of 2nd dog
Name of 3rd dog
Name of 4th dog
Name of 5th dog
Name of 6th dog
What celebrity does she live near?
Where was Ariana born?
Who is her best friend?
What is the name of the show on broadway she starred in?
What is the name of her tour?
What two songs did she release that were not on her album?
What is her favorite fruit?
What celebrity did she go on tour with?
Who directed the 'One Last Time' music video?
What did she used to call her fans?
What color did she dye her hair for her role on Victorious?
What was the name of her Christmas album?

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