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Forced Order
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CastDt. Mac Taylor
CastDt. Stella Bonasera
CastDt. Danny Messer
CastDt. Lindsay Monroe Messer
CastAdam Ross
CastDr. Sid Hammerback
CastDr. Sheldon Hawkes
CastDt. Don Flack
CastDt. Jo Danville
CastDt. Aiden Burn
MonumentsSpilt blood on
MonumentsGirl got raped in/Officer on horse gets shot
MonumentsGuy got stabbed in 3x01
MonumentsMartini billboard got shot at with tennis balls
MonumentsBook dosed with thallium
RelationshipsMac Taylor
RelationshipsStella Bonasera
RelationshipsDanny Messer
RelationshipsDon Flack
RelationshipsAdam Ross
Famous for...Boom
Famous for...What up?
Famous for...Reconstructions
Famous for...His creepy place
Famous for...British accent
Who's episode?All Access
Who's episode?Redemptio
Who's episode?Party's Over
Who's episode?The Thing About Heros
Who's episode?Pay Up
Name the episode1x01
Name the episode1x23
Name the episode2x01
Name the episode2x24
Name the episode3x01
Name the episode3x24
Name the episode4x01
Name the episode4x21
Name the episode5x01
Name the episode5x25
Name the episode6x01
Name the episode6x23
Name the episode7x01

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