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summons an object
produces water
opens and unlocks closed objects
killing curse
strengthen enclosure from enemies
prevents doors from being opened by muggles
causes objects to spontaneously combust
tortures victim immediately
causes teeth to grow at an alarming rate
used to heal minor injuries
conjures a spirit to defeat the dementor
disarms the opposing wizard
creates a clone of the object performed on
under the influence of caster
ties someone or something up in ropes
hangs victim by ankles in mid-air
make objects move around in mid-air
produces light from tip of wand
produces dark mark
keeps nearby people from hearing your conversation
removes light, produced by lumos
packs luggage
locks legs
repairs broken objects
weakens a boggart
violently wounds victim
makes victim vomit slugs
places victim into an unconscious state
if broken, patron who broke it, will suffer
levitates objects

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