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Forced Order
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Has a man crush on Tom Brady and Dustin Pedroia
Was taken to hospital at the Rookie Party
Is the **** man, he's from europe he's dope, and he's having goose and mixes all summer long
Has a bum comparable to the Coppertone Baby
Trailer Park Boy
Also goes by Steve Nash
Has a gambling problem
Had his bedroom moved to a different floor
Lives in a country where Arabic is the official language
Was barely recognizable after getting in a fight
Gummy's real name
Not caveman, but ________
Nicest guy in the house
Every TNT girl's dream
Suck it
Goes by his hockey position
Grey Goose is his drink of choice
Has a framed picture with Mike Weir
Smashes bros like it's his job
Every TNT girls' worst enemy
Worst temper in MD
'Is bad in bed'
Best Trimac beard
Greasiest trimac teen stache
Wannabe thug
Future Mark Gillis
One of two guys who helped bring sexy back to the Mount
Pepperoni Nipples
Crackhead of MD
Left the Trimac game before Weedwhacker
Mac didn't want him
Bar Star
He lives here?
'**** the ______'

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